Join me? My Course Walkthrough on Canvas LMS

For my major project in ECI 834, I chose to use Canvas LMS to develop a Biological Influences on Development unit for Psychology 30. There are three modules within this unit and each module has its own submodules. For my course shell and Module One hand-in, I have focused on the first submodule, “Stress and Childhood Trauma,” (1.1 to 1.5.) While I do have two assigned reviewers who are checking out my course and providing feedback, I thought I would share the Walkthrough Video that I made for any future students who might be accessing my course asynchronously. (On a side note, I used Loom to make the video. It was my first time using Loom!)

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  1. Leigh says:


    I used Google Classroom for my LMS, as this is what our division uses. However, Canvas was one LMS that piqued my interest! I think Canvas is a great tool for older students because it has many different categories to organize content. With younger students, I don’t think you could really tap into all of the abilities this LMS has to offer. Great choice!

    I also think you’ve done a great job making your LMS attractive… Everything looks so polished! Your modules also foster a lot of student-student/student-teacher interaction!

    Your content is detailed and thorough, but very well-organized! As a side note, your course seems so interesting! I’m kicking myself for not taking Psych. 30 in high school…

    Well done!

    • Patricia Ives says:

      Thank you, Leigh! I took a lot of inspiration from other Canvas courses that I have viewed over the last month. It has been interesting to see how I can take the skills I developed with Brightspace and apply them in a new way to another LMS.

  2. Patricia,
    I am glad to see Canvas in action. I know you had another platform at the ready through your current teaching position, so it is nice to see you taking a risk and trying something brand new! I was tempted to use Canvas but ended up sticking with my O365 apps instead!
    Psych 30 can be such a content-heavy class, but I think you’ve done a really great job of organizing it and creating engaging content! Well done!

    • Patricia Ives says:

      Thank you! I have been teaching Psychology for the last seven years now. There are always some really fun inquiry lessons that encourage students to apply the knowledge that they gain into their lives and interactions with others. It has had great impacts for families with children. When they learn how children’s brains and bodies are growing, it helps them to develop understanding and patience.

  3. Chris Brennan says:

    Hi Patricia,

    I really like the ease and creative appeal of canvas from your video! So much so that I think I want to switch my LMS over to it for my second module. Moreover, I was really intrigued by your screen cast tool that you utilized in this video, which program is it?

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Patricia Ives says:

      I was trying out Loom for the very first time! It was quite easy to set up and use. It took a little longer than I anticipated for it to save to my computer after though.

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