Grabbing the Finish Ribbon – Final Course Prototype (ECI 834)

Taking the initial first steps into exploring a new LMS, Canvas, I thought that I would be able to take my experiences developing content on Brightspace and transfer them to the new arena. It turned out that I was partially correct. There were some ideas that I had about what I “might” be able to do based on past knowledge, but it still took lots of exploration and watching of instructional videos to develop my modules and course to the levels that I wished to attain.

I chose to develop a course centered around Psychology 30. The curriculum had undergone some recent updates, so the materials that I developed would be useful to me in my Brightspace course. (According to some research that I have done, I should be able to export my Canvas course into my Brightspace. Hopefully, this will work!) One of the newer units for Psychology 30 is Biological Influences on Development. When I started out, I had a wider scope of modules laid out.

Course Profile Blog Post can be accessed via this link.

However, after my course was reviewed by my peers, I realized that I needed to scale back and focus on what I had initially termed to be sub-modules. These had so much content that I ended up making them modules on their own. Each module would take approximately 1.5 to 2 weeks to complete. Course Review Feedback Blog Post can be accessed via this link.

Again, I scaled in for my final course prototype and focused on fully developing the lessons within Module 1: Stress and Childhood Trauma. There are a total of six sections/lessons. Using the advice of my reviewers, I attempted to be more explicit with my instructions and outlining the steps. I added pre-requisites that would ensure students would review my Starting modules first before accessing other content. This would be something I will continue to refine. For the purposes of my final review, I did not add all of the pre-requisites that I will put in later on.

I realized that there were elements missing in my Module and lessons that needed to reflect a variety of formative and summative assessments. I added in Entrance Tickets, Review Note handouts, Google Slides/pdf to cover needed content, instructions for the Small Group Jamboard activity, and an outcomes-based Exit Review. I am happy with the variety of learning activities that I have developed. They are diverse and include active learning with movement, individual tasks, small group tasks, and active discussions. Students who would like to utilize the Closed Captioning and transcript features have been given instructions on these features during the lesson walkthrough videos. Students who are absent from class or who need review due to accommodations or for other reasons may access the lesson walkthrough videos.

How to Access the Course on Canvas:

This course has enabled open enrollment. Students can self-enroll in the course once you share with them this URL: Alternatively, they can sign up at and use the following join code: 6BRGLW

Once you have self-enrolled, you will need to go to and log in to locate the course again.

Walk-Through Video for Final Course Prototype:

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3 Responses to Grabbing the Finish Ribbon – Final Course Prototype (ECI 834)

  1. Chris Weber says:

    I really like how you have organized your course. It seems very straight forward even for students who would be accessing it remotely. I really like your use of Google Forms to do formative assessment. I can tell you have put a lot of thought and work into your lessons, well done!

  2. Patricia Ives says:

    Thank you, Chris! I have enjoyed learning some new ways to incorporate my face to face strategies to online mediums. I have learned a lot working alongside you this semester. I wish you the best in your future plans.

  3. Myla says:

    Hi Patricia,
    This looks amazing. The layout looks great and is easier to navigate.

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