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Planning Ahead: Life Transitions 30 x Digital Citizenship Scope and Sequence (Final Post ECI 832)

When one plans for a journey, there are many levels of emotion, creativity, and careful consideration that go into each leg. I started out at the beginning of this course with excitement and anticipation (as discussed in my first post, … Continue reading

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Erasing the Box: Summary of Learning (ECI 834)

When I walked into this course, I had the hope that I would be able to build upon my prior experiences with the Brightspace LMS and find ways to move out of my “comfort box.” There has been a huge … Continue reading

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Breaking News! – Summary of Learning (ECI 832)

When I was considering which courses to sign up for this semester, I was drawn to learning more about digital citizenship because I felt that this was an under-explored area in my professional development. There were some limited ways that … Continue reading

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