Breaking News! – Summary of Learning (ECI 832)

When I was considering which courses to sign up for this semester, I was drawn to learning more about digital citizenship because I felt that this was an under-explored area in my professional development. There were some limited ways that I had encouraged students to review their digital footprints in the past. My explorations have shown me that there are many rich continents of learning with new languages and diverse cultures. I feel like my eyes have been opened to the possibilities and encouraged me to continue travelling along this path. Much like Alice in Wonderland, I am amazed by all that I see and excited to discover the strange wonders that lie ahead.

Our readings over the semester have inspired me to examine my understanding of digital citizenship and deeply reflect upon how I can be be a steady guide for students as they begin to travel the new pathways. I strongly feel that educators need to actively model the actions and behaviours while also verbalizing the metacognitive processes that we should all engage in when interacting with all modes of media.

Lovepreet shared an article by Henderson, Auld, and Johnson, “The Ethics of Teaching with Social Media,” which shines a spotlight on vital considerations for all educators who are encouraging students to use social media.

Henderson, Auld, & Johnson

ECI 832 has had tremendous impact upon my current and future interactions engaging with students on digital media, teaching students how to engage respectfully and analytically with media, and exploring the embedment of digital citizenship in curriculum. For further review, I invite you to enter my exciting journey through my Summary of Learning.

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6 Responses to Breaking News! – Summary of Learning (ECI 832)

  1. Brittney Meyers says:

    Excellent summary Patricia! What did you use to create your video?

    • Patricia Ives says:

      Hi Brittney! I used Canva to create my summary of learning for both classes I took this semester. I didn’t know that Canva could do so much! I also recorded these right in Canva. Thank you.

  2. Kelly Ziegler says:

    Good job, Patricia. Your summary of learning project is very well explained and you seemed to cover all of the content that we covered throughout the semester. I like how you created a video, and also included yourself talking at the bottom. Very cool.

    • Patricia Ives says:

      Thank you, Kelly. It has been wonderful learning alongside you this semester. Your enthusiasm and love of learning come across clearly. You were supportive to so many of us, and it has been appreciated.

  3. Bart Mihalicz says:

    I am not surprised with the quality of this Patricia, aesthetics and content. Your honest assessment of where you were at the beginning of class really showed how you grew over the course of the term. A high level summary from a high level thinker!

    • Patricia Ives says:

      Aww, thank you, Bart. I appreciate working with you too. You have an awesome sense of humor coupled with hard work and dedication.

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