Planning Ahead: Life Transitions 30 x Digital Citizenship Scope and Sequence (Final Post ECI 832)

When one plans for a journey, there are many levels of emotion, creativity, and careful consideration that go into each leg. I started out at the beginning of this course with excitement and anticipation (as discussed in my first post, Setting My Feet Upon New Paths.)

I have grown over this course in developing a deeper understanding about the importance of digital citizenship and use of media. These concepts are integral to developing students who are prepared to take on the challenges of the 21st century workplace.

It is important that our students feel like they can competently navigate the environments that exist online. They should be learning how to interact professionally and personally with others, how to apply learning skills to new tasks or tools, and how to protect privacies and rights for themselves and others.

For these reasons, I chose to develop a digital citizenship scope and sequence that also met outcomes and indicators in the Life Transitions 30 curriculum. A major resource used to support my artifact development was the Digital Citizenship in Saskatchewan Schools (2015) policy planning guide.

The purpose of Life Transitions 30 is for students to develop lifelong skills for achieving and maintaining a positive self concept and lifestyle. Throughout this course, students will learn how to adapt and grow with change, develop positive relationships, appreciate diverse perspectives, and establish habits for healthy living. They will acquire skills in effective workplace and personal communication and learn how to become aware and responsible consumers. They will build upon their understandings of the financial and personal responsibilities and obligations that come with living on one’s own. 

Digital citizenship is an important component that overlays each of the content areas within Life Transitions 30. The Digital Citizenship Guide (2015) highlights, “the importance of teaching digital citizenship to our students in order to meet goals and outcomes and to prepare students to be productive, responsible, and contributing members of our global society. Educators can no longer ignore their roles in helping students to develop as digital citizens; schools must respond to the changing needs of our learners in order to prepare them for our rapidly changing world” (p. 12).
Excerpt from Patricia Ives’ Scope and Sequence

My first planning post, “Transitioning into Effective Digital Citizens,” outline the reasoning behind my choice. It also set out some possible steps for development. As often happens when we plan for travel, some steps were more challenging than others.

I searched out exemplars for other scope and sequence documents and researched potential digital citizenship online resources that would be relevant to Life Transitions 30. I quickly found that the majority of resources were geared towards elementary and middle years. There were high school digital citizenship resource that would work. However, adult resources are not as prevalent. Fortunately, I was able to locate a sufficient number of resources that would work. As I move forward, I look forward to continuing a deep dive into other possibilities. Maybe this is an unexplored avenue for future development?

I moved forward and developed a Google Form to elicit ideas from other educators on possible inclusions for each Life Transitions 30 unit. I posted this on Twitter and emailed it out to my colleagues. There were enough responses to move forward. However, the response rate was not as robust as I had hoped. I would love to hear some suggestions on how I could encourage more participation next time! Any ideas?

I proceeded down my path of discovery and created a concept map of potential ideas and possible structural formats. These led to the formation of my seemingly-endless draft documents! Over the last couple of weeks, I reached out to my fellow students, co-workers, and adult basic education colleagues to find individuals willing to share some of their time in reviewing my ideas and drafts – multiple times. I am incredibly grateful to those who provided encouragement and suggestions at this stage of development – Carolyn S., Pat P., Stacy C., Bart M., and Leah T.

Patricia Ives’ Life Transitions 30 x Digital Citizenship Scope and Sequence


Welcome to the end of this path. It is time to settle down in my coziest chair and enjoy the soft rainfall outside. I invite you to click on the link to view what I have created.

Patricia Ives Life Transitions 30 x Digital Citizenship Scope and Sequence.xlsx

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10 Responses to Planning Ahead: Life Transitions 30 x Digital Citizenship Scope and Sequence (Final Post ECI 832)

  1. Lovepreet Kaur says:

    The Life Transitions 30 curriculum is a fantastic idea for building a digital citizenship scope and sequence.” This document is entirely focused on helping students develop lifelong skills. This curriculum guide is extremely beneficial to students in terms of developing new ideas, adapting and growing, and establishing new pathways for healthy living, all of which contribute to the development of digital citizenship and digital identity abilities.

    • Patricia Ives says:

      Thank you, Lovepreet. I appreciate your comments. I have enjoyed exploring how to integrate digital citizenship throughout existing content across a range of subjects. I wish you the best with your future classes. I have enjoyed learning alongside you.

  2. Brenda Frederiksen says:

    Hi Patricia! I loved how you paired the Life Transitions outcomes so well with a Digital Citizenship outcome. The activities and assessments were well thought out. What a great opportunity for current and future students to have this opportunity to learn about important life skills!

    I would also like to thank you for all your help this term. Especially at the beginning of the term, when you took the time to meet on zoom to help me with my blog! I am so grateful for all your words of encouragement on my blog posts, too! Wishing you all the best in your final classes in the Masters program! I truly hope our paths cross again!


    • Patricia Ives says:

      Hi Brenda! Thank you for your comments. It was a lot of work putting this together. However, I am so pleased with developing a useful and relevant document. As for the assistance, you are so welcome! I know that when we help each other out that all benefit. It has been great learning with you. I only have one class left, but I am hoping that we stay in touch as well. I plan to stay active on Twitter, so let’s keep talking.

  3. Bart Mihalicz says:

    You did a masterful job of finding a place for digital citizenship to be incorporated into an existing curriculum. I think that the activities that you have in your lessons will do a great job of bringing digital citizenship to life for students and provide great opportunities to practice and refine those skills. Including accommodations is an important aspect to your project as well! I appreciate all of the help and advice you provided over the course of this class, again! ✌

    • Patricia Ives says:

      I appreciated you and Leah sharing some of your time with me to review the scope and sequence and provide advice!! I know that this has been a busy semester for all of us, but you made the time and were supportive.

  4. Cymone says:

    Nice Patricia, seems like we had the same ideas!!! A practical way to apply knowledge (professional development) to helping students achieve outcomes in the 21st century. I liked that you used the policy planning guide as a backbone to your curriculum work. I would be curious to know how your implementation and evaluation phases go in the future!

    • Patricia Ives says:

      Yes, I loved looking at your major project as well!! Like you, I am excited to share this scope and sequence with my colleagues and hope that we can all make use of it in our classrooms. I wish you the best on your future plans.

  5. Kola Mckenzie says:

    Wow, Patricia, this looks fantastic. I am not a high school teacher; however, I am a fan of well-thought-out assessments and planning guides. It is awesome to see the connections you made to Digital Citizenship. thanks for being such a huge support in this class. This Scope and Sequence is well done!

    • Patricia Ives says:

      Thank you, Kola! I appreciate your comments regarding the assessments and planning guides. I put a lot of hard work and effort into providing a comprehensive plan. I hope that you have some great classes coming up that you enjoy. It was wonderful learning alongside you.

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