Lending a hand, I hope

WOW! I blinked and this semester was over. 

My colleagues in EDTC 300 have helped me immensely over the course of the semester – be it answering the discord questions that I asked, sharing interesting resources, or providing encouraging comments on my blog posts. Reflecting on my contribution throughout the last four months, I just hope I was able to be as helpful to them as they were to me!

Twitter Contributions

I was fairly active on Twitter and felt as though I contributed to my peer’s learning whenever I shared a post, as I felt as though every tweet they made benefited me as well! Here are a few ways I believe I contributed to my peer’s learning:

  • Retweeting & Quoting tweets that I felt would be truly beneficial: I like to read about why my peers liked resource or tweet they shared so that I can understand why they thought it was important to pass along. In saying that, I did the same – for

    example, I Quoted a tweet about an Advice to My Younger Self bulletin board and explained why I would use this & thought it was so important. This specific tweet had replies from my peers thanking me for sharing & that they also thought it was a great idea.


  • Replying to my peers: I replied to my peers with words of encouragement for what they were sharing, additional ideas, and personal experiences. Please see some examples below. Though I was proud of my twitter activity, I do wish I replied with more intent to my peers tweets. As I looked back before completing this post, I noticed that a lot of my replies were “I love this!”, “I will definitely use this in my classroom!”, “Thanks for sharing!”. If I had a do-over, I would ask more probing questions of my classmates or explain to why I would use this in my classroom.
  • Sharing beneficial resources: During our “Twitter time” I shared quite a few different resources – but to highlight this I wanted to share one thread that I felt really connected to EDTC 300 as it discussed Digital Literacy!

    Alex Brown’s Thread on Digital Research/Literacy
  • Sharing personal experiences & lesson ideas: I shared a few of my own lesson plan ideas (Vocab Go Fish!), my personal experience with resources (Broken Strings Infographic), and comments on how certain lessons played out! This contributed to my peers’ learning as they can check out free resources that were made OR reviewed by someone who is in the same boat as them – learning how to teach! Check out some of my personal experience sharing tweets below:
  • Asking questions of my peers to encourage critical thinking: There were a few tweets that I made where I stated my opinion on a topic but then also questioned what my peers thought of it and their reasonings. Not only was this beneficial to me to hear more ideas on the topic but I do believe it also challenged my peers to think critically about it as well! My favourite example would be the example you see to the side:


Edusites Contributions

Ok – this is sad, and it is my own fault, Katia warned us of this. Listen to your professors, lesson learned! It is actually a combination of two things:

  1. I did not keep track of my comments on my peers Edusites blogs. In our last class many other students were able to sort their comments so that they could see the comments they made on others blogs – I was not able to do this. Another peer said they were able to search their name & comments to see all of the comments they made – which would have been helpful BUT (see below)
  2. I realized about 2.5 months into the semester that my comments were going through under “Anonymous”.. UGH.

Anyways – I will make do with what I can off memory with generalized comments and a little bit of back tracking for more specifics. One comment that I do remember was on a peer’s post about their yoga journey – I had explained a potential lesson plan idea for Yoga in a younger Physical Education class. This lesson was basically a story that was told and the yoga moves worked alongside with the story!

Similar to my replies on Twitter – I wish I would have asked stronger questions in my comments on Edusites blogs!

Now – this last item of contribution is my Learning Project. I felt as though I contributed to the learning of those who read them as I explained the pros and cons of different resources, cited and linked these resources so that they could use them if they were interested, and I created an environment where I let myself be vulnerable and show both my successes and my failures –  which I think is incredibly important.

I am thankful for the connections I made throughout this course & am positive that we will continue to strive towards professional development together – lending a hand when we can! 


One thought on “Lending a hand, I hope

  1. Ali, I could not agree with you more. The classmates in EDTC 300, and our amazing prof as well were so helpful and positive. No matter how tough I found something, It seemed like a classmate was picking me back up with some kind words of encouragement. This class taught me so much with technology, but it also taught me to not be afraid to ask your co works, or friends around you too for help.

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