Educational Resources That Don’t Require Technology

Here are some educational resources that do not require any technology! It is so important to sometimes put away the technology and enjoy life, nature, and the people around you.

Read a book

Go for a walk/hike

Play outside in the snow

Invest time in the arts – painting, drawing, dancing, singing

Learn to play a musical instrument

Use household materials to make and play stringed, percussion, and wind instruments

Cook or bake your favourite recipe

Learn a new recipe

Play board games with your family and friends


Call a family member

Learn, practice, perform a magic trick

Draw a map of your house

Write a story

If you have stairs, walk up and count them. Walk down and count by twos. Walk up and count by threes. Continue through tens

Sit silently for 15 minutes while you write down every sound you hear. When you are done, classify the sounds (high/low pitch, high/low volume, manmade v. naturally occurring)