EC&I 834: Designing for Online & Blended Learning

The End is Near! Final Course Prototype Wrap Up

Final Overview

Welcome to my final course prototype! I am excited and proud to share all of my hard work with everyone. My course walkthrough will help to show my purpose and direction in creating my course. It is meant to be a blended course with flipped online lessons. The course comes of as more of a “checklist” of things for students to do with some utilization of community building. I hope to continue to grow in that aspect of my course designs.


To view my original course profile, follow this link to my BLOG.

Creation Process

My goal in the creation process of my course was to experience a new LMS and create practical content that I could use within the current ELA B30 course I am teaching. Through meaningful conversations with peers, collaboration, course content, and my own discoveries, I was able to grow my blended toolbox and create a strong course prototype to build off. I utilized existing content I had from class and reworked it to fit into the online flipped classroom design. I would have liked to get a bit further in terms of exploring other programs for content creation but just becoming familiar with Canvas as an LMS proved to be time consuming enough.

The feedback gained from my classmates was essential to the growth of my prototype. My reflection and takeaways can be read in this blog post. 

Course Prototype & Walkthrough

If you would like to check out my course prototype, follow this link to CANVAS.

Below is a brief course walkthrough of my course prototype. It helps to outline the goal and framework of my blended course along with providing some guidance on how to navigate through the course. Enjoy!



  1. Robert Gareau

    Scott – great course! I am a huge Hamlet nerd and I love seeing anything to do with Shakespeare. I loved the inclusion of the Spotify recording to help students listen along, and I think that YouTube is a great resource for Shakespeare in an online unit. So much great content. Great job!

    • Scott Sully

      Thanks! Yeah i just sort of stumbled upon it haha

  2. Patricia Ives

    I appreciated seeing the growth that you have undergone in the development of your course! It was wonderful getting to see the start of it in our breakout room and viewing the final product. As I am moving forward into starting Hamlet this Friday with my class, I avidly viewed what you have started with! Lol. Way to go!!

  3. Corrin

    Really wonderful prototype! You incorporate many different ways for students to interact with the content which is great since Shakespeare can be difficult for students to grasp. And it’s so organized, I think older students would appreciate the logical layout you have created.

    • Scott Sully

      Thanks! Yeah, they will definitely be able to navigate better here than our current LMS.

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