The Reality of Technology

February 23, 2021 0 By Brandon Rumford

With the technological reality we live in, there are so many new things introduced. And as educators, we need to figure out what exactly we are responsible for teaching to our students about these new technologies. Although even I have grown up with this technology, I did not get my first cell phone until I was 16, something that happens years earlier with today’s children. So what are we really responsible for teaching as educators? Although I feel a big part of preparing children to interact in this day and age comes down to their parents, we still have a part to play. I feel it is a teachers job to do their best to teach students how to be safe and responsible with technology. And do our best to limit its use in inappropriate situations. We need to teach students when it is okay to use technology, and when it is better to be face to face. Children need those face to face interactions to build essential social skills. And as teachers were able to create assignments that require group work and reinforce those social skills.

With many new technologies and responsibilities, challenges are going to arise. We need to be aware of these challenges and teach students how to deal with them. We’re able to enjoy the benefits of technology, I do not think technology is a bad thing. People just need to be careful not to let tech take over. We still need to be with people, to learn to put the phone down. In terms of the education system, I think it is just about doing what we can. Schools are not going to be able to stop kids from using technology in a negative way. We cannot control what students do at home and can only control them so much at school. The most important thing we can do is provide the necessary information to allow students to make their own informed choices. We are not their parents, but we can be role models. If we can provide the information and resources, and be an example of using technology in a positive way, students will follow suit.