Week 3 – Digital Project… “Welcome to…. PARENTHOOD!?!”

Week 3 – Digital Project… “Welcome to…. PARENTHOOD!?!”

When I was mulling over what new skill I have been eagerly wanting to learn but haven’t had the time, or the drive to do,  I was drawing a complete blank!  I quickly realized that I would be learning one of the biggest and most important skills I have ever had to learn (whether I was ready or not) over the next 9 months; becoming a parent! 


Back in April, my wife and I got the exciting news that our family would be growing from 2 plus a dog, to 3 plus a dog – what a feeling that was!  Our lives were going to be forever changed in 9 months. 


Fast forward a few weeks, our first ultrasound checkup, we found out that our new little addition was due to arrive December 25 – a Christmas baby!  This is a detail that we did not consider at all and was completely overlooked during our careful planning. Hopefully they’ll be ok sharing their birthday with the excitement of Christmas?!? 


During the initial excitement, the sense of panic slowly crept in, which I am sure most, if not all, first time parents have experienced.  You mean I now have to care for a tiny human? How do I do that?  I struggle to care for myself at times!  All thoughts that I was flooded with once the magnitude set in!


We began our research and reading into what pregnancy may look like, with the hopes that this would alleviate some of the anxiety we were feeling.  One thing we overlooked, was the amount of information out there; the quantity and quality of the information did not help, it only seemed to exacerbate our feelings of anxiety.  How do we know what to believe? Who to trust? What is the best practice!? What is going to work for us and our little?


The idea behind my major project stems from this bombardment of information and will be focused on recording the ups and downs leading into parenthood.  Documenting what we learn, decisions that we have made and are trying to make, research we do, resources that we find, and questions we have and will continue to have. It will also pose as a unique keepsake to show our future child once he/she has entered the world, to show how their parents had to learn a new skill and to eventually instill the love of learning with them.  I am sure the project morph to include more aspects of the whole adventure, but these are my initial thoughts!

For the parents reading this(Aunt’s, Uncle’s, Grandma’s, and Grandpa’s advice welcome too); if you were to go back in time, have a conversation with your past self, being able to pass along 1 or 2 pieces of advice leading into parenthood, what would they be?


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  1. Congratulations! This will be a learning experience, for sure. Everyone will give you advice with a newborn, so I will give you some future advice. I follow https://biglittlefeelings.com/ as my kiddo is getting older and they have some great advice. And although everyone is going to give you advice, sometimes you may not want it, or maybe be told what you are doing is wrong, or there is a better way, etc. Just do what works for your family. Good luck!

  2. Congratulations! Buckle your seat belt for one heck of a ride. The only advice that I have is:
    Love Builds Brains. This is also the title of Dr. Jean Clinton’s 2020 book. Dr. Clinton, a Canadian psychiatrist, has some very interesting YouTube presentations on early childhood development.
    Best wishes.

  3. I am not a parent so I can not give you any good advice- but congrats! I am sure there will be lots to learn. Hopefully following along with your journey can help prepare me for the future 🙂

  4. Bret! I’m due with my second just a few weeks before your wife! Congrats! Being a parent is the best. My best advice is pick and choose what works for you and leave out what doesn’t. You guys know each other best and what kind of life you want for your kid. You can drive yourself crazy searching around for answers (a common millennial parent problem, I’ve read about from experts and experienced myself), but at some point you just need to stop and go with it. One thing about becoming a parent is: everyone has advice and opinions. You’ll figure out quickly whose advice you want and whose you will smile and nod through! Looking forward to reading along with your journey and helping if I can.

  5. Hi Bret,
    Such awesome news for you and your wife. And a great, meaningful project idea. We have a two year old, so going through this entire process is still fairly fresh in my mind. I think my best advice would be to just enjoy every different experience that the entire process brings. There are so many things to think and worry about that you can overwhelm yourself and lose sight of the bigger picture of the gift you about to receive. There will always be time to get more supplies, clothes, diapers, to add furniture to the room, to get toys…being present and remembering each step of the process is something you won’t always be able to go back and do. Your life will be changed forever in the best way possible. The favorite part of my day is driving home knowing what is waiting for me!

  6. Congrats Bret! I have managed to raise a child, now a driving, video game playing, football-playing 16-year-old on my own. Everyone has a different experience with their children and what works for one person may not work for you. The best advice is to do what works best for you!

  7. Congratulations! Life is going to be hectic and crazy at times, but it is all so worth it! My advice would be to try to slow down and enjoy the simpler moments along the way. Read the little bundle of joy one more book or take that extra long walk. I really agree with the point that Chris made earlier about being present. Looking forward to hearing about this exciting journey.

  8. Congratulations once again on an amazing journey ahead!

    There’s no shortage of parenting info on the Internet, especially related to birth to toddler care and development. Of course, what info can you really trust?!?! That’s certainly a big question related to any project like this.

    I look forward to seeing your development throughout this extremely worthwhile project. Best of luck!

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