Course Prototype Overview

Go Where Eagles Dare (GWED) 225 – Course Overview

As fast as it began, the Winter 2023 semester is now almost over! For EC&I 834, I created an online course prototype for Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies Go Where Eagles Dare (GWED) outbound mobility program. As I previously mentioned, the program has two courses, GWED 215 and GWED 225; however, I chose to build GWED 225 for my online course prototype. My course profile can be viewed on my EC&I blog page or by clicking on the previously embedded link. 

Creation Process

Throughout my education career, I have created various online courses for high school or higher education students. However, this course prototype was special because I was provided with the opportunity to push myself outside of my comfort zone, use new tools and features, and think more deeply about considerations for common concerns. I found that through this process, I was able to tailor my course prototype to a variety of learners that will come through the program. One of my favourite additions to the course is the ability for students to self-enroll within groups to complete the capstone project assignment as a group. This feature was previously disabled on Brightspace and I had to contact SIIT’s Brightspace administrator to enable the tool. Once I set it up and provided students with information on how to use and access the tool, it provided a great space for student-student interactions. Previously, in order to share files among themselves, students had to send files through Microsoft Outlook. However, Microsoft Outlook emails have size constraints on files, so some students were not able to share their larger files and had to upload them into Sharepoint. This eliminated the problem and provided students with an organized space to collaborate and work. It also helped to eliminate spacial barriers between students that are studying at various campuses throughout Saskatchewan. 

In education time is not necessarily on your side, so it was great to have the ability to slow down, think about the choices that I am making, and apply new concepts to a program that will help enhance each student’s experience. Below, you will find a link to my walkthrough video of GWED 225, highlighting the various tools used within the course prototype, module one, and module two. If you have any feedback or comments, please do not hesitate to reach out or comment on this blog post below! 

Link: Course Prototype Overview

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  1. Hi Chantal! What a wonderful course you have created! I love how you made this assignment your own and did something that would work for your career. I really like the look of your LMS template you used, it looks a lot like Google Classroom and your students will easily be able to follow it! Good luck on implementing this course in the future!

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