Field Experiences

My field placement is at Sacred Heart Community School.

Week 2:

The teacher librarian had an announcement to make about reading night and all the students started chanting and cheering her name. She gave out prizes for students who had read the most books that month. She seems to be a great role model for the students at Sacred Heart.  The students first started coming into the school she stood by the door and high fived all the students. All the students were excited to see her and she put a smile on so many students faces.

Week 3:

This week was crazy with the students, they were very excited because my partner and I were in the classroom and they had a new student joining them so the energy was off the walls for the children. 

Week 4:

This week was really good, I was able to participate in guided reading which is when the teacher guides a book to read. This s good for this classroom because of the range in reading and writing levels in this classroom. I was also able to help in math, there was a few students who missed the past few days so they were behind in math, my partner and I got to help teach the children the lessons they were behind on. 

Week 5:

This week the students were so great, they were very focused and stayed on task today. This is not usually the case, often time the students get distracted easy and have trouble staying on task. We worked through guided reading and spelling most of the morning, the students were doing some goals and goal setting today so they could add them to their online seesaw portfolios. They have conferences tonight and tomorrow night so each student was also working on their portfolios after they completed their guided reading. I received lots of questions and hugs from the students which really melted my heart and was one of the moments where you just know you are in the right career for yourself. 

Week 6:

This week I was able to teach the morning routine, I got to have the morning meeting with the kids then we worked on our agenda messages. After our agenda message we worked on cursive writing. Some of the students are having trouble with the cursive writing so we moved into a different room to get some extra practice. We worked on the cursive letters on the whiteboard and with the wikki sticks so they can physically shape the letter with their hands. We then worked on guided reading, many of the students are at different levels

Week 7:

In science the students are learning about plants so they checked up on their tobacco plant. They recently moved their plant to a sunnier place now it is growing much better and is even flowering. The plant was almost dying so they decided to move it and now it is doing much better.

Last Day of School

Photo Gallery of My Experience At Sacred Heart Community School