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Knitting – Take 4

My most recent knitting update. It’s all in video format this time so please sit back and enjoy!


  1. Leigh


    I loved the video update format! You’ve learned so much since your journey began!

    I am finding the same as well– there are still things I am learning with my project that I am going to need to carry on with later, as it is time to begin wrapping things up. I appreciate that you’ve not only shared your successes, but also your challenges throughout your project. You’re also finding practical ways to incorporate your knowledge, such as creating the knitted “ear savers” for masks that are too small. I have one that a co-worker made for me and it is great when my ears are tired of holding up my glasses and mask straps!

    Well done and thank you for sharing your experiences!

    • Christopher Weber

      Thanks Leigh, I agree with you that we need to wrap up our projects – I have one more post to do just to complete it. I feel like there are so many more possibilities, and I am happy that I picked a project that I can continue to do in the future.

  2. Kelly Ziegler

    Like Leigh, I also have things that I need to continue to learn in terms of my CricutCraze. I appreciate how this learning project was something that we were passionate about, and many people are also finding that they are going to continue their learning long after the end of this course. I like how you are very honest about things that you have done well, and things that you felt have been downfalls. I also really like how you have used video throughout the way to document your journey!

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