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This week we were asked to get an RSS reader. I chose to use Feedly because this is the one that seemed easiest for me to figure out. I began by searching education, EDtech, inclusive education, math teachers, mathematics, high school ED, etc. However, I actually struggle to find sites I wanted to follow. Lots of sites did not come up with searches or they did not spark my attention. After some digging and looking into articles, and followers that they had I think I started to get the hang of how it works and what I was looking for. 

These are the top two education sites that I followed. 

I followed them because they actually looked very interesting. Love that the first site, Free Technology for Teachers, says “Just trying to be helpful”. This makes me so excited about being in the teaching community because we all want to help each other learn! The second site I followed was Dangerously Irrelevant. What stood out to me was “why most schools won’t reinvent themselves after the pandemic”. When thinking about it, it sparked me to think about how I plan on changing things because of the Pandemic. 

I then searched for leadership.

I think that many people do not recognize teachers as leaders. When they think of leaders they think of principals, managers, CEOs, business people, etc. I think that as a teacher I need to work to grow in my leadership skills, so I followed some leadership sites. Mindtools looks really interesting from looking into it a little bit because I love steps, or 5 point lessons it helps me to learn better and they have so many 5 steps to…. articles that I am excited to look at!


Things that I struggled with in this activity are that I am still not completely sure how Feedly works. I am working to understand how the sites work and the relationship to twitter. If anyone has any tips or help for me on this please let me know! As well, does anyone know any high school, or math sites to follow on Feedly?

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  1. Jesse Ducharme

    I also use Feedly as an RSS reader and it is super user friendly! Will you be using Feedly in your classrooms?

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