This week I worked on creating a plant piece. This is one of my favourite plants! A Monstera! I believed once again that this piece was going to be fairly easy. Like always it was not. The biggest struggle with this piece was drawing the leaves perfectly imperfect. Because plants are so organic it is hard to recreate that in cartoon form. After spending over an hour on the first leaf I decided that I needed to not be such a perfectionist as getting the organic shape and colour of a real Monstera was almost impossible. After giving myself this freedom the leaves took a lot less time. This week I learned how to shade, how to use a reference picture, how to use different dimensions by placing leaves behind and in front of one another. I loved that I was able to use last week tool of lettering by adding a little touch on the final product.

My Wevideo

To show my progress this week I decided to make a WeVideo . Being a visual learning I find videos one of the best way to learn skills online. I love in this video editing software you are able to layer videos, music, and audio. It was surprisingly easy to create this video and for me it would be very beneficial to be able to see time-lapse with audio behind explaining what is happening at the same time. I will absolutely being using this tool in the future to help students, to make fun brain breaks with the students, and to help them have another option other than PowerPoint to share their ideas! WeVideo is now my favourite way to presents anything from a lesson, to a book review, to an about me on the first day of class in my future classroom. The simplicity and the capability of using it completely blew me away! My rating on WeVideo is a 10/10!