In this week’s learning project I created my very own GIFs. I was excited to take on this challenge because who doesn’t want to be able to make their own GIFs for their personal use. I think that it is so fun to be able to create engaging GIFs that can spice up any power point, post, picture, or presentation. 

In EDTC300 we have discussed having engaging content. I recently read a tweet about how teachers should have more engaging content. In the tweet it talked about using Minecraft to captivate students and help them understand math better. So what I am thinking is lets pull in as many fun things that students enjoy like, minecraft, TikTok, GIFs, etc. 

Now actually putting this great idea of having fun GIFs into practice. I am still getting used to how all the different features work, how to make different motions, and move things around but I am getting the hang of it and playing with different movements. To start you have to create your design and then with layers you at motion to your image. Seems easy yet it is a little more tricky then that. When creating different layers you have to copy and then add the changes or the motion. It becomes tricky when you delete the wrong layer, or cannot figure out how to create the right motion that you are going for.

So……… my first attempt actually did not work out. I could no figure out how to get the stars to move. I had 7 different layers to make it look like they were moving and sparkling but then when I exported it the stars did not want to have any movement in them. So this is my failed first attempt but I did learn from it!

And this is my final GIF. Nothing too special however just figuring this out took a lot of time and do-overs. Looking back it was hard but I was much more overwhelmed before I just started the project. I thought that there was no way I would ever be able to figure this out but I actually did and it turned out really well!