Welcome back! I am so incredibly excited to share with you everything that I have learned this week! We are nearing the end of our Learning Project journey and so I thought it was time to push the limits. 


This week took inspiration from my classmates Caelyn’s Instagram printsbycaelyn. After reflecting on the style of my last portrait that I did in last weeks learning project I decided that I wanted a more simple clean look that wasn’t so busy. So I did some TikTok and youtube search and found out how to do the layering and dived into the first project that I did without following a tutorial.

Game plan So I wanted to go for the more silhouette model instead of just a cartoon version. After cyber sleuthing Trista Kenneth (read my blog post about that here) I spent alot of time looking at her pictures on social media so I decided to do a portrait for her!

From this to this!

As you can tell one is coloured and the other in black and white. I actually pulled the colours from another one of her pictures taken on this day and used them to create the print.


Being it the first project that I didn’t follow a video on I realize that I still need to work on figuring out the layering. I struggled with placing each layer in the correct place so that it would look in the correct order. I am so happy with the way it turned out and I cannot wait for next weeks challenge!

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