This week being the last week for our learning project I wanted to try a fun piece of my favourite person from my favourite Disney video Moana! When I first looked at this picture I thought that it might be cool to try and make it black and white since I had done two pieces that are in colour and I have never seen anyone do a black and white Procreate piece before. However, as you can see from this one picture, I was about half way through and I realized that the black and white was going to make Moana look crazy. I realized that part of using Procreate we use the different colours to make the separate identifiable features in the picture. When using black and white there is not enough deference so the elements are not as distinguishable. So I reverted  back to the colour. 

My first attempt

The past two pieces that I have done to make cartoon versions of people of Procreate I did one that used black outlines, and the other one I did solid colour with lots of added detail. This piece I took some inspiration from Caelyn and her instagram page where she does Procreate pictures of people. In examining how she does the pieces she will often only do very subtle details like a jacket and and does not often add different colours to the hair. In doing this I think that without all the extra details it simplified Moana to the simple recognizable cartoon that she is.

What I learned

This week when reflecting on the three different variations of Procreate profiles that I did of myself, Trista and her finance, and now Moana I realize that there are many different ways to do profiles of people/ characters. In this I specifically choose to leave out the nose, add in the detail of her iconic shirt, and recreate the beautiful flower crown but in a much more simpler way. Every decision that I made in creating this piece was to have people be able to recognize her and I think that that is what art is about. Being able to help people see the true beauty of the image that you have created!