Coding? Or a confidence boster?


Ok when I saw this in our #EDTC300 weekly assignments I was really nervous. I have never done any coding before and pretty much anything that involved computers I struggle with. However this was so much easier than I thought it was going to be! 

There are so many options to choose from that I was able to pick something that related to my interests. I love dancing and music so here is a little sneak peak at a TikTok I made dancing with the pineapple that I created the dance for! Don’t laugh, I love dancing and music but I never said I was good. 

Throughout the program of the Hour of Code, they get you to watch videos and have instructions of what the next task you can do is. For as bad as I am with technology I felt very good about navigating this program. Little characters would congratulate me on my achievements shown in the picture above. There was never a moment that I was left confused about what I was supposed to do. Even the very techy things like the coding itself are simplified to help users navigate it better. Here is a screen clipping from when I was learning about the background effects.

I think that this is an amazing way to have students explore new ways that they can be creative and use their minds to discover and explore. I am a fan of this program and I will be getting my brother to do it for me next time! I believe that implementing this into my future classroom will make the students feel unstoppable, make them feel like they are geniuses, and encourage them that they can do anything that they put their minds to. In the course of an hour, I felt so excited and empowered by what I was able to accomplish that I ran around my house showing my whole family my dancing pineapple. I hope that the students in my classroom feel this way as well! 

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  1. jbc595

    Hey Cyandra!

    I loved to see you dancing! I also completed the dance party hour of code activity but did not think about dancing along. I also enjoyed the videos that explained each part. I thought that was a wonderful addition for students, especially for beginner readers. I definitely agree that coding can help students feel accomplished and proud of their work! Thanks for sharing your experience with code!


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