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Procreate finale

Am I a Procreate pro now? 

10 weeks ago I started a journey to learn online a skill that I had never done before. I decided to embark on a learning adventure for #EDTC300 #learningproject where I learned how to use Procreate with only online resources. This meant that I did not learn anything from anything in person but everything I learned was on some sort of only platform. I realized that the benefits of doing this in a global pandemic is that people have started to share a lot of skills and talents that they have online for others to learn from. In the course of the 10 weeks I learned from YouTube, ZOOM (taught by friends), TikTok, Pinterest, and some creators websites. Here is a week by week break down of my journey that I am so proud of!

Week #1 Path to Procreate Perfection 

The first week is crazy to look back on as I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I did not know how to change the colour. My writing on the Ipad was very bad, and I was really starting with nothing. But I had a plan with all my videos and resources in place, including pieces that would progressively get harder and harder,  and I was motivated to get good at using Procreate!

Week #2 Harder than it looks

This week I was excited to start and I was seriously expecting a lot better than this little flow piece from myself. But looking back it is crazy that this was the best that I could do it this time! At this time I was struggling to even follow along with the bare minimum of what the video would ask of me. So this piece I would say this final piece looks nothing like the final piece of the Youtube video I followed. 

Week #3 Writing?

I started to realize that I was going to need to practice some of my skills and what better way than doing cursive sheets as we all used to in elementary school. So with the help of Caelyn we worked on some writing outlines that helped us progress in writing on an Ipad. I am excited to say that this was the week that I saw the most progress and I am so happy to say that!

Week #4 Week of Learning

A month in and we were starting to make progress. This was a challenge that I was nervous about it because it took me back to square one after having a really good week the previous week. When pressed this week with a lot of new techniques it was hard to keep up. This week I worked on shading, and a lot of layering, dimensions, etc. I loved this week because I was starting to feel freer to not follow the tutorial to a T and that was helpful because I was able to adjust this piece to what was working for me!

Week #5 Flourishing 

This was the most fun that I had in a week! This was a come-back week once again! (I really have my ups and downs PS. next week is tough again). I felt like a real pro when I was actually able to recreate the piece almost perfectly without a lot of extra help, pausing, and googling what was going on. I was so proud of two of my pieces from this week that I shared both on my blog post as normally I only share the best one. I was excited to start using this skill that I was putting so much time into to create a piece that I was really proud of and actually sent to my whole family. 

Week #6 To GIF or not to GIF

And this week once again was a struggle. I didn’t mean to but I had a hard week then an easier week over and over again throughout this journey and let me tell you this was a hard week! Not only did I have a million technical difficulties but also creating the GIF was very hard with all the layering and then going back and fixing because you couldn’t see a layer. However, I am very excited that I learned this because I think that this will be something that will be fun to add to classroom presentations to spice it up once in awhile! 

Week #7 ME ME ME

OK I know I have said this before but this was my favourite week! It was my first attempt at creating a piece that got me excited about Procreate in the first place. I have seen these portraits around social media for the past year and I have always thought that they were so cool. I am so excited to say that I am finally able to do one and I think it turned out AMAZING!

Week #8 Starting to get comfortable 

This was such a fun week because I felt the most creative. I felt like I was actually drawing something that was important! I recreated Trista’s engagement photo that I found when doing our Cyber Sleuth. Before this, I felt like I was practicing a skill but after this piece, I felt like I was making art (which is weird because I am not an artistic person).

Week #9 How far will I go?

THE FINAL PIECE! Week nine was the final piece that I created for this class so I thought lets go OG and draw the queen of Disney Moana. I loved walking into this week so confident and then being shut down with my first idea of doing black and white. (we had to keep it consistent to have a fail every second week). However, I got back up and I think I did the most perfect solo drawing on Procreate I could have possibly imagined! Without any help from any YouTube video, website or TikTok I crushed this week’s piece and used all the knowledge from this whole semester to create this beautiful piece. 

My first piece and my final piece!


My top three resources that I used were YouTube TikTok and Caelyn. My favourite Youtube creator for amazing step by step videos that described everything in amazing detail was Teela Cunningham. She had amazing videos with everything related to Procreate that helped me at every step of my Procreate journey. She is amazing and has a shop that has free brushes and colour pallets (which were a blessing!) Second resource/ inspiration was TikTok. Although I cannot pin one specific TikTok my whole Procreate journey and steps, and inspiration for pieces each week would not be here without my trusted creative resource of TikTok. I cannot recommend it more for anyone in a creative block. My final and much trusted resource was Caelyn. With us both being on a Procreate journey it was a blessing to have someone who was also learning and growing alongside me and I would often call her and ask her for help with anything that I was struggling with! So thank you Caelyn!

Final thoughts!

I have realized the endless creative possibilities that are available with Procreate. When I first started I was copying exactly what other people had done and now I have enough creative understanding of how Procreate that I am actually able to be creative on my own without a tutorial. Before this class I never thought I had a creative bone in my body but I realize now that I actually can learn how to be creative and this helped me do that! 

How far will I go?

This week being the last week for our learning project I wanted to try a fun piece of my favourite person from my favourite Disney video Moana! When I first looked at this picture I thought that it might be cool to try and make it black and white since I had done two pieces that are in colour and I have never seen anyone do a black and white Procreate piece before. However, as you can see from this one picture, I was about half way through and I realized that the black and white was going to make Moana look crazy. I realized that part of using Procreate we use the different colours to make the separate identifiable features in the picture. When using black and white there is not enough deference so the elements are not as distinguishable. So I reverted  back to the colour. 

My first attempt

The past two pieces that I have done to make cartoon versions of people of Procreate I did one that used black outlines, and the other one I did solid colour with lots of added detail. This piece I took some inspiration from Caelyn and her instagram page where she does Procreate pictures of people. In examining how she does the pieces she will often only do very subtle details like a jacket and and does not often add different colours to the hair. In doing this I think that without all the extra details it simplified Moana to the simple recognizable cartoon that she is.

What I learned

This week when reflecting on the three different variations of Procreate profiles that I did of myself, Trista and her finance, and now Moana I realize that there are many different ways to do profiles of people/ characters. In this I specifically choose to leave out the nose, add in the detail of her iconic shirt, and recreate the beautiful flower crown but in a much more simpler way. Every decision that I made in creating this piece was to have people be able to recognize her and I think that that is what art is about. Being able to help people see the true beauty of the image that you have created! 

Starting to get comfortable

Welcome back! I am so incredibly excited to share with you everything that I have learned this week! We are nearing the end of our Learning Project journey and so I thought it was time to push the limits. 


This week took inspiration from my classmates Caelyn’s Instagram printsbycaelyn. After reflecting on the style of my last portrait that I did in last weeks learning project I decided that I wanted a more simple clean look that wasn’t so busy. So I did some TikTok and youtube search and found out how to do the layering and dived into the first project that I did without following a tutorial.

Game plan So I wanted to go for the more silhouette model instead of just a cartoon version. After cyber sleuthing Trista Kenneth (read my blog post about that here) I spent alot of time looking at her pictures on social media so I decided to do a portrait for her!

From this to this!

As you can tell one is coloured and the other in black and white. I actually pulled the colours from another one of her pictures taken on this day and used them to create the print.


Being it the first project that I didn’t follow a video on I realize that I still need to work on figuring out the layering. I struggled with placing each layer in the correct place so that it would look in the correct order. I am so happy with the way it turned out and I cannot wait for next weeks challenge!

Go check out my Instagram to find send me a picture of you so that I can make you something!

Me Me Me

This week was the first attempt at doing portraits. I think the hardest thing was that I had to spend a week looking at myself (hahaha). This is what I have been waiting for this whole semester so I was so excited to jump into this week! 

Although I watched a lot of Youtube and TikToks on how to do portraits on procreate it was harder to follow them because my picture is different then the picture they created. Some of the first things that I learned is that I was actually tracing the picture. And after I realized this my attempts became significantly better from that point on. The next tip that I took was that for the style that I wanted I need to outline everything in black and then go from there. This made it easier having a stencil of the picture on one layer. And about layers I learned that you NEED to break up almost everything in layers. This makes everything easier because if you have a mistake you aren’t erasing all your work it is just a small layer. Finally, for this piece I wanted to add definition so I chose to do that by adding some shading. This was kind of just sprinkled in from some portraits that I have seen over the years. Although I took a lot of the information of what they had to say I had to branch out on my own. 

Still I was having troubles with the hair and eyebrows so I reached out to Caelyn (who is also doing Procreate for her Learning Project) and she helped big time. She was able to give me some tips on how to shade the eyebrows so that they are not so harsh all the way through. And that I need to put the darker colour of the hair on the majority and the lighter in with little strokes like the ones in this TikTok. As you can see the little strokes that this person adds to the blonde hair. And with this my piece came together nicely! And I am excited to say that this is my ABSOLUTE favourite piece I have done so far!


Custom Portraits!!! Comment if you want one! The first 3 people to comment get their’s for 50% off!??#procreate #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #xyzbca

♬ Stil D.R.E. Remix – Clarissa G

To GIF or not to GIF

In this week’s learning project I created my very own GIFs. I was excited to take on this challenge because who doesn’t want to be able to make their own GIFs for their personal use. I think that it is so fun to be able to create engaging GIFs that can spice up any power point, post, picture, or presentation. 

In EDTC300 we have discussed having engaging content. I recently read a tweet about how teachers should have more engaging content. In the tweet it talked about using Minecraft to captivate students and help them understand math better. So what I am thinking is lets pull in as many fun things that students enjoy like, minecraft, TikTok, GIFs, etc. 

Now actually putting this great idea of having fun GIFs into practice. I am still getting used to how all the different features work, how to make different motions, and move things around but I am getting the hang of it and playing with different movements. To start you have to create your design and then with layers you at motion to your image. Seems easy yet it is a little more tricky then that. When creating different layers you have to copy and then add the changes or the motion. It becomes tricky when you delete the wrong layer, or cannot figure out how to create the right motion that you are going for.

So……… my first attempt actually did not work out. I could no figure out how to get the stars to move. I had 7 different layers to make it look like they were moving and sparkling but then when I exported it the stars did not want to have any movement in them. So this is my failed first attempt but I did learn from it!

And this is my final GIF. Nothing too special however just figuring this out took a lot of time and do-overs. Looking back it was hard but I was much more overwhelmed before I just started the project. I thought that there was no way I would ever be able to figure this out but I actually did and it turned out really well!


I am in deep! This week I took on the challenge of what I think is one of the hardest things to do on procreate. Flower arrangements. Like I said last week I find flowers and leaves really hard to draw because they are so naturally imperfect and to recreate that imperfection perfectly is a challenge.

I used a couple of different strategies this week. First I just followed a youtube video tutorial other than a little bit of shade difference in the colour I tried to follow this one as perfectly as I could. When looking at the differences I realized that part of learning is being uniquely yourself. Using the skills that someone else can teach you and then using those skills to express yourself.

My final piece

Strategy two, I looked at a picture and I used it as a reference for my second piece! I tried my best to replicate what the original artist did but then adding my own spice! At this point in my journey, I still felt more comfortable looking at a reference piece as I am not totally comfortable coming up with ideas on my own. However, by adding more or fewer flowers in areas, and using some different colours, I am starting to feel more comfortable at making my own piece in the future!

Looking back

Reflecting back on this week I realize how amazing it is to have other people online who are working at growing a skill that you are also working on. It is interesting to feel instantly bounded to someone through a shared hobby or skill. Whenever I find people now who use procreate online I instantly follow them because I want to see how they are learning and growing and what skills they may have that I do not. The beauty of online education is that people are so open and willing to share. People want you to be successful so they are willing to put out videos, tutorials, step by steps, so that you can learn as well. And that is why I appreciate EDTC so much!

Week of learning

This week I worked on creating a plant piece. This is one of my favourite plants! A Monstera! I believed once again that this piece was going to be fairly easy. Like always it was not. The biggest struggle with this piece was drawing the leaves perfectly imperfect. Because plants are so organic it is hard to recreate that in cartoon form. After spending over an hour on the first leaf I decided that I needed to not be such a perfectionist as getting the organic shape and colour of a real Monstera was almost impossible. After giving myself this freedom the leaves took a lot less time. This week I learned how to shade, how to use a reference picture, how to use different dimensions by placing leaves behind and in front of one another. I loved that I was able to use last week tool of lettering by adding a little touch on the final product.

My Wevideo

To show my progress this week I decided to make a WeVideo . Being a visual learning I find videos one of the best way to learn skills online. I love in this video editing software you are able to layer videos, music, and audio. It was surprisingly easy to create this video and for me it would be very beneficial to be able to see time-lapse with audio behind explaining what is happening at the same time. I will absolutely being using this tool in the future to help students, to make fun brain breaks with the students, and to help them have another option other than PowerPoint to share their ideas! WeVideo is now my favourite way to presents anything from a lesson, to a book review, to an about me on the first day of class in my future classroom. The simplicity and the capability of using it completely blew me away! My rating on WeVideo is a 10/10!


Week 3! When looking at what I wanted to do each week I thought lettering was going to be easy so I put it near the beginning of my journey so that I could use it along the way in future pieces. In my head, I thought that this calligraphy style of artistic writing seemed so easy. I have seen so many Tiktoks of people writing all pretty and it was so fast so I just assumed that it would be easy! (like this one)


Antwoorden aan @gachalogic1234567890 ik doe alleen maar VOORNAMEN.

♬ Banana (feat. Shaggy) [DJ FLe – Minisiren Remix] – Conkarah

Was I ever wrong. When I realized how hard this week was going to be I realized that I was going to need to practice a lot. So I found some free templates online and I got to work practicing. I remember doing sheets like this in elementary school when we started learning cursive but these were so much harder.

I decided that I wanted to put all of my hard work to the test and try to create a couple of little pieces. I followed one of the YouTube videos from the same person whose website I found the brush on (video linked here). Here video was really easy to follow along with and she actually also taught me how to download colours and create colour palettes. I FELT SO TECHY DOING THIS! 

What I learned this week!

-I realized that I am not going to be like this amazing Tiktoker who can whip up a beautiful piece in one go. 

-I learned how to download new brushes

-I have the tools to make my own palette now

Any worlds of encouragement for this coming week?

Harder than it looks

Week #1. Wow all I have to say is that this was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.  Who would have thought that colouring on an Ipad would be so hard? 
So this week I dived headfirst into learning how to use Procreate on my Ipad. I thought that I was going to be able to watch at least 5 videos with 5 different art pieces at the end of this week but that was not the case at all. I started following along with one youtube video that was only about 30 minutes and it turned out to take me over 2 hours to get all the way through this video.

This was about half way through the video. And at this point I was starting to really doubt myself and what I could do because my drawing did not look as good as the lady in the video.

However, this is how my drawing turned out. Not horrible for my first ever art piece on Procreate.  How do you think I did?

What I learned from this first week:

I learnt soooooo many terms that I had never heard of until opening up my Procreate app such as; Alpha lock, clipping mask, transformations, colour dropper, etc. As well as I learned different ways to use brushes, smudging, colours and colour palettes, layers, etc. I also learned that not all videos are easy to follow. This lady took it through nice and slow and showed where everything was. I watched another video that was very fast and she jumped by steps assuming that I knew what she was talking about. 

Goals for this week

I am starting lettering! So my goal is to find another good channel to watch a video, find some templates online to help practice my consistency in letters, and maybe find an app or a class to take! Any advise from any artists out there?

Path to Procreate Perfection

For my learning project I was having trouble of thinking what I wanted to invest so much time into this semester. After thinking long and hard about it I realized that I had purchased the Procreate app for my Ipad a while ago and have never had the time to sit down and spend a good amount of time learning different techniques, projects, and how to use it in general. So I am so excited to say that for my learning project you are going to get to watch my journey from absolutely horrible to hopefully something that someone might say is nice. 

So far this is all I have done in an attempt to just get a good feel of how the app works. 

Throughout my journey, I will have a mix of videos of myself doing a project, a timelapse of the art coming together, as well as some final pieces if they are spent over a couple of days. How I intend on learning this skill of using procreate is through the many Youtube videos that are available to anyone.

I have created some categories to guide what I will be attempting each week. Although I have a good idea how hard each task will be, this is not a final layout as some projects may take longer than expected and others I may pick up very fast and get to move on from. I have about 2-5 videos (depending on length) that I will follow along with for each category hopefully making a few pictures/ art pieces each week.

First, will be just general beginner, how to use the app, tips and tricks, and such.

The second category will be lettering!

Next I will attempt doing some flowers and plants!

There are these very beautiful sky lines that I am going to try and recreate!

And finally, the reason why I wanted to get Procreate in the first place is to do these really cool cartoon portraits!

I am so excited to start this journey and I cannot wait to share it will all of you! Does anyone have any types for me and I have no idea what I am getting myself into?

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