In a final reflection of ECS 100 and the field placement that I experienced this semester I learned a lot, understand more, and I became more excited about my future career in education. During my field placement in ECS 100 I had the honour to work in a grade 7/8 split class in a newer school in Regina. For a grade, we were asked to answer weekly focus topic questions as we went along in the placement. In these topics the main goal was for us to be aware of the physical surroundings, all staff that are in the school, how teachers interact with students, and new ways that teachers are learning and teaching their students. During the field placement, I was able to make connections to what my school was like in elementary school and look at the differences between the physical layout as well as different curriculum that teachers are using 6 years later. The seminars for ECS 100 had a main topic of diversity, relationships, and learning new ways of teaching and new ways of knowing. When relating these topics to the classroom that I was in I was able to see very quickly that teachers nowadays are dedicated to the acceptance of everyone, building relationships with the students, and their own personal growth. In one of the lectures this semester we talked about the importance of building a relationship with students and that this will help them learn better. I then saw this firsthand with my teacher and the relationships that she has built with her students. They are amazing students and she can tell when they are not giving 100% of their efforts because of the relationship that she has with them. My favourite quote from this semester was, “A student will never learn if they do not have a relationship with the teacher” (Fatima Jan 21st Seminar). This is something that has stuck with me this whole semester and as I said above was very well demonstrated by my host teacher in my placement. Another topic that we discussed in the Seminar was diversity. When in my field placement I found it very easy to find signs, posters, and activities around the school that welcomed diversity. In our seminar, there was an assignment that was completely based on our personal learning experience on the topic of Indigenous people. It was interesting to do because as a teacher it is our responsibility to learn more and grow in our own knowledge so that we can better teach our students. It is my job as a teacher to be the best that I can be so that I can help students reach their full potential. Overall, my experience in ECS 100, as well as my field placement, is going to help me immensely in my future as a teacher.