Brains, Maps, and Organization

This week I am creating an official “mind map” to get me through the last 2 weeks of learning project posts. I read the article, The Benefits of Mindmapping for Learning. “Mindmapping is a strategy that helps students study and professors teach course material. A mindmap is a diagram that is used to visually outline information (retrieved from the article hyperlinked).” Mindmapping is not only a great way for students to achieve success and organization, but adults as well! Which leads me to this month and my burn out with my learning project. This month balancing classroom teacher expectations and carving out time to crochet has not been a personal priority. I used Canva, to create a mind map.

Canva mind map upload






Mindmapping can be as complex or as simple as you want it to be. Start with the big ide or concept in the middle. Next, add all the steps, learnings, concepts that need to follow to achieve the big idea. How would you use mind mapping in the classroom?

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  1. This blog post came right when I needed it. I feel the same way with my learning project right now. I will try out Canva next week to make a mind map!

  2. Jorden Robitaille says:

    thanks for offering this tool for mind mapping! very interesting and helpful!

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