Realizing the Educational and Social Aspect of Twitter

May 17, 2021 2 By Gledi Toci

I have had a Twitter account for almost two years now on which I just followed celebrities and tried to stay up to date with drama and politics. I had always assumed that is what Twitter was good for until I was part of this class. I was quickly introduced to the educational and social factors Twitter offers. It allows people like myself to follow people with similar interests and to learn from one another. I also realized the power hashtags have on learning and connecting with people of similar interests around the world.

Even within one week of Twitter, I have read many great articles shared by my followers, or in our edtc300 hashtag. I have been able to socialize with future and present teachers and learn from one another. Which has lead me to realize the true learning experience Twitter offers and its possible uses in classrooms. I believe that as future teachers with technology being highly used, integrating Twitter in a classroom will be key to learning. Twitter allows students to easily search for topics and stay connected with peers in and out of school. With many students having social anxiety, Twitter will be the perfect platform for them to find it easier to connect, learn, and much more.

twitter visual guide
“twitter visual guide” by cambodia4kidsorg is licensed under CC BY 2.0

A great example of the great uses Twitter can have in a classroom is our SaskEdChat. On this hashtag, teachers and future teachers are able to connect and discuss many important topics as educators. I realized Twitter makes talking about these topics much easier, due to everything being summarized in limited characters. This allowed for quick discussions with many people, with very upfront connected discussions. I was able to interact with people all around Saskatchewan, and learn from each one of them and share my beliefs, and be recognized, something I want my future students to experience.

Overall, even after a week of using Twitter, I can already recognize the positive impact it can have on a classroom or an individual. As a professional, I will continue using Twitter as a learning and social tool for many years to come. I will also be integrating Twitter in my future classrooms as a reminding, learning, socializing tool, and much more.