The New Dangerous World of Opportunity and Learning

May 27, 2021 2 By Gledi Toci

The internet has been around for a long time, however it evolving faster than anyone can comprehend. In today’s society, everyone has an internet device on which they are free to watch, post, comment, and create anything they would like. As we discussed in class, anyone has the chance to become an influencer on the internet. Over the last few years, we have seen apps like Youtube take over the media, and even replace tv. As Michael Wesch talks about in his Youtube video, we have the power to have original contact at a click of a button. Technology allows us to share content and be seen by anyone around the world. This gives the opportunity to become “Internet Famous” and even set trends. Michael talks about random Youtube videos which end up blowing up, and becoming a trend all around the world. An example Michael focused on was the Soulja Boy dance trend in 2007, where later in the year he signed by a major label. This is only because of the power of the internet.

Power Rangers doing the Soulja Boy Dance

Being said, technology will be a huge factor in teaching for many years to come. Each student will be exposed to an electronic device where they can access anything they would like with only a few clicks. We as teachers have to integrate technology into learning since all of our students will be familiar with it. Creating lesson plans that use technology such as projects or videos will be a key way of getting students engaged. Staying connected through social media on and off school I believe will become key to learning.

7 Measures of Quality in Online Learning
“7 Measures of Quality in Online Learning” by giulia.forsythe is marked with CC0 1.0

Keeping all in mind, we as teachers have to teach students about the internet, safety, identity, and cyberbullying. We need to teach students that what is said on the internet, stays on the internet no matter the website 99% of the time. Therefore, we have to teach students how to keep a professional identity online, since things you said in the past could affect you in the future. Secondly, teachers need to address how to be safe when being on the internet. Many scammers and dangerous websites exist and teaching students to be safe are important. Lastly cyberbullying as we talked about is made easier than ever. People can hide behind a screen and comment on anything they would like with little to no consequences. Knowing how to block such hate comments out and ignoring them is key to having a happy space online.

Overall the internet is a great place, but also a dangerous place. We as teachers need to use digital technology into our learning since students are very familiar with it, and comfortable on the platform. Using different apps and social medias for assignments and projects will become key to learning. However, we also need to teach students on their professional identity, and overall mental and physical safety while using the internet.