I Have Hit a Slight Road-Block of Soreness. We Continue Though!

May 29, 2021 3 By Gledi Toci

It’s now been almost 10 months since I started working out. I go five times a week sometimes six, while still playing sports and working. I haven’t missed a day in these past 10 months and I am usually there for 90 minutes to 120 minutes. This past week I have felt sore in every part of my body. I injured my ankle, shoulder, and wrist while playing sports and at the gym. It is a little demotivating currently feeling sore since I have more doubt about achieving my muscle up. However, I’m still pushing through it and the weekend is here. I took the day off work Saturday and will take the day to rest and the next day.

Soreness aside, this week’s workouts were chosen from one key website. They both focus on performing muscle-ups and exercises to do to train yourself. From one website BreakingMuscle, I learned how important, strict pull-ups, core strength, and box bar muscle-ups are. It really thought me the focus each exercise has on performing a muscle-up. Pull-ups help strengthens your back and is one of the first steps to performing a muscle-up. Then core strength is important when pulling yourself up with the momentum, which is why I chose knee raises. Lastly, box bar muscle-ups are a great way of practicing the last movement of a muscle-up. It is made for good practice and creating strength to getting your chest above the bar and extending out.

Box Bar Muscle Ups

For my attempt at a box bar muscle up, I experienced elbow pain and did not get the best attempt. I tried multiple times and this is was the best attempt I could get. I think I will try next time with a bar that’s higher up due to my height as well. I think these rest days are gonna be essential to me improving my technique and strength.

New Exercises

The start of my week 2 workouts is here, and I already can see the benefits in all of them. These workouts were unfortunately done after a long 90 minutes at the gym, where I was incredibly sore and tired. I pushed through it, but they were not done as well as possible. Dips and pull-ups are essential for building strength for muscle-ups, but I am trying to figure out a way to do straight bar dips. I am looking forward to feeling better, and doing these exerices at full strength.

Muscle Up Attempt

I am not really happy with my attempt from this week, due to the absence of proper form and strength. I am still looking to master the swinging method, which I find extremely hard to time, but still trying to improve. I am already looking at many different youtube videos, and watching others’ time they swing, looking to match it. I think a big part of my average attempt this week was due to being extremely sore and leaving it for the end of my workout. I am really excited to improve and feel better and finally crush this mental block.

Fun Fact: I had someone who was doing reps of muscle-ups tell me I am strong enough to do a muscle-up. He was a stranger and said ” You seem like you got the strength for it, just have to work on your form. Made me feel better and even more excited to improve my technique.