Month: October 2021

Blog Post Week 7

After reading both Lopez and Brook’s articles, I feel as if I have a farther better understanding of relevant pedagogy in the classroom, as well as how to better contribute to the sense of self in my classroom. Firstly, I have become more aware of the importance of equality in a classroom. Having each student…

By Gledi Toci October 25, 2021 0

Hip-Hop in the Curriculum

After reading “Critical Hip Hop Pedagogy as a Form of LiberatoryPraxis” by A. A. Akom, I could not agree anymore with the impact hip-hop could have in a classroom. I have been listening to hip-hop/rap for almost my whole life. I had always enjoyed listening to hip-hop/rap because obviously it was catchy and had good…

By Gledi Toci October 19, 2021 1

Building Curriculum Week 5

The curriculum has always been something difficult to get right. These outcomes and indicators build our future generation’s knowledge and beliefs. However, the curriculum can feel exclusive for some people in regards to their race, culture, gender, sex, disability, and much more. Therefore the question of ‘How do we get it right?’ rises. Well, the…

By Gledi Toci October 4, 2021 3