Week Three

  1. School curriculum and education policies are dependent on a number of things. The internal and external influences of curriculum decisions and policy making much reflects those of political and government decision making.  For one, depending on what the dominant societal values are, who the higher authority figures are plays a large role on the shape of the curriculum and education system policies – Are they dismissive towards change and want to stick with traditional methods? Are they open to new research and different perspectives? Do they give attention to the demands/expectations of the people? Education and curriculum decisions are made not only through individuals in the education cabinet, but the decisions also have multiple other political influences before a final decision or policy is made. A decision is never made from one view point – and some concerns and perspectives take dominance over others. Individuals who are directly involved in the education system, like principles, teachers, etc., normally have a say regarding the curriculum. There can be biases in some inputs – An individual may believe that their interests/area of study is worthy of more focus in the curriculum. The location of the curriculum plays a role in what decisions are made as well – subjects and areas of study that are needed for the current workforce demand will be pushed – Take the example of the industrial revolution: We saw the curriculum as a product become the dominant education model.  In today’s age, we may begin to see more technology/science classes being pushed in our curriculum as our society moves into a different type of workforce. 

I’m not necessarily surprised at the information given, however, the article was an eye-opening read. One thought and concern about how curriculum decisions are made is how emotion and personal beliefs can easily lead curriculums in a certain direction. It feels like we are sitting at a crucial time in history where we can choose to be progressive, or stick to more traditional methods and subjects.

One thought on “Week Three

  1. I also did not find the article overly surprising. It does seem that there are so many people involved in curriculum that it makes it very difficult to make necessary changes. It may be hard to have emotions and personal beliefs completely separate from curriculum because everyone has such strong ideas of what they believe curriculum needs to be, as they at one time would have attended school at the very least and feel their opinions have a basis.

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