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I would describe myself as somewhat of a “fitness junkie.”  I love fitness; I love running, walking, lifting weights, riding my spin bike, etc.  When I thought about what I should do for my learning project, I wanted to do something that I already had some interest in.  So, fitness came to my mind.  I then started thinking of different types of workouts that I have never done, and yoga came to mind.  Now, I have thought about doing yoga many times before, but if I’m being honest, I like to push myself when I work out, and I have always thought of yoga as more stretching, rather than working out (I am thinking I will probably have different views on this by the time my learning project is complete).  With my university classes in full swing, I think that slowing down and doing yoga will be good for my body…and soul.

I first came up with a plan for my learning project.  I wanted to first familiarize myself with some basic yoga moves; so basically just doing research on the internet, before actually following along with a video in the coming weeks.  So with the start of my plan in place, I decided to get started, and by doing so I went to trusty old google, and typed in “basic yoga poses.”  I found a google image that showed some (what seem to be) basic, and rather easy-looking yoga poses.  Here is the image that I found:

Yoga Poses
Yoga Poses Link




I want to familiarize myself with the names of the poses and what they are so that I can follow along more easily when I eventually do a yoga workout on YouTube etc.  As you can see, there are 20 poses on the image, and out of the 20, I was really only fully familiar with 3 of them.  This made me realize that I have picked a good subject for my learning project because I will indeed be learning!




After looking at different poses, I decided to try a couple.  I tried doing the plank pose, which is actually a pose that I always finish my workouts with; I just never realized that a plank can be a yoga pose as well.  I also did the child’s pose, which felt really good because it helped to stretch my muscles after going for a run this morning.  Here is a couple of snapshots of me doing the plank and child’s pose:

Plank Pose
Child’s Pose







Once I do some more research on the different types of yoga poses, I then would like to follow along with yoga videos.  I want to start off by following beginner videos and then eventually leading to advanced videos.  My end goal is to be able to hold myself up in a headstand, be able to do an extremely advanced yoga pose, (I’ll get back to you on which pose that will be, I need to do more research!), and maybe even create a video of me constructing a yoga workout video.

I am excited to continue to educate myself about yoga throughout the weeks to come, and I am also excited to see how it makes me feel.  I am hoping that slowing down and not doing such physically demanding workouts will be good for me, and I am excited to see the strength that I hopefully gain throughout this process.  Again, I hope by the end of this project I can successfully hold a headstand, do an advanced yoga pose, and maybe even conduct my own yoga workout video for you all to show off what I have all learned…Yoga by Jasmine?  We will see!


  • Ava Viczko

    Hello Jasmine! I’ve also struggled with the “slowness” of yoga so I’m excited to see how you can turn it into something that fits your needs. As a child, we used to do storytime yoga in gym class which was always super fun and I know youtube has some great resources for guided sessions. Hopefully, I can learn a bit along with you and retry yoga again. Best of luck!

  • Sunaina batra

    Hi Jasmine, It’s a great idea to choose fitness as a learning project. Yoga is something I used to do every day back in India and it’s really productive when done correctly. good luck with your yoga journey and it would be great to read blogs on some specific yoga postures.

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