EDTC 300,  Learning Project

Yoga for Beginners

Well, the 4th week of my learning project is complete.  I’ll say it now and I’ll probably say it again every week after this, but, where does the time go?  This week, I decided to actually try to follow along with a video for my yoga practice.  So far, I have just done research on certain poses and names of poses, and tried doing yoga poses just by looking at pictures, so I thought it would be a good time to get into actually following alongside someone in a video.  I chose to use YouTube this week for my learning resource.  I typed in “beginner yoga videos” in the YouTube search engine, and one of the videos that came up was a 10-minute beginner yoga video, which I thought would be a great video to start with.  This is the video that I found.

This video used some easy yoga poses, which was exactly what I was looking for.  Some of the poses that I did were the downward-facing dog, the child’s pose, the forward fold, etc.  The individual leading the video was very helpful in letting me know where to put my hands, shoulders etc. during each pose.  She also provided modifications, which is very inclusive for every fitness level.  I found each pose very easy to follow along with, and it really allowed my muscles to stretch out, which felt very good after going for a long run this morning.  I also loved the music that was used in this video.  It was slow music, which allowed me to really relax and focus on my breathing and really focus on getting my form correct.  I would definitely follow alongside this individual again!  I would also use YouTube again for my learning resource.  It was easy to pause the video if I needed, and I find YouTube very easy to navigate around.  There is also a vast abundance of videos to choose from, whether you are looking for beginner or advanced yoga videos.

I thought I would create a time-lapse video of myself following alongside the video, which is a resource that I have never used before.  Time-lapse was super easy to use.  All that I had to do was go to the camera on my iPhone, switch the camera mode to time-lapse, click start, and the camera/phone did the work for me.  I think it is a really cool way to record a video, because it takes quick snapshots and compresses them into a short video, which can showcase what you are doing, quickly!  Here is my time-lapse video.  I hope you enjoy it!


  • Sunaina batra

    I am following your yoga postures and it’s amazing we are spending time on these activities through the #edtc300 learning project otherwise we always remain busy with other stuff. And these 10-minute beginner yoga postures are easy and fun.

  • Jasmine Hoff

    Hi Sunaina! Thanks for the comment and for the compliment. It means a lot! I totally agree with your comment regarding trying something new. I love that this learning project is forcing us to slow down and actually take the time to learn something new! If it was not for this class, I probably would not have taken up yoga!

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