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Inhale, Exhale… Things Will Get Better

Well, this week has been a bit of a rough one for me.  Between doctor’s appointments, catching covid (2nd time for me, 3rd time in this household..yay…), and anxiety and stress, I have really been feeling overwhelmed.  I decided to take it easy on my body this week and do another beginner yoga video.  Covid has me feeling super tired, with an intense headache, so I didn’t want to push my body too hard.  Anyways, enough with my pity party, I’ll now get on to talking about this week’s learning project.

When thinking about what I would use for my learning tool this week, I recalled in class someone recommending Adrien when I had shared that I would be doing yoga for my learning project.  So I searched on the internet, and I found Adrien’s website, which is called Yoga with Adriene.  Her website was full of free videos, a calendar that you could follow along with, FAQ’s, etc.  Her website was also very easy to navigate around, and something that I would definitely use again in the future.  I really have no complaints about it.  While I was exploring her website, I found a video that was called 10 Minute Yoga for Beginners, and so I thought this would probably be a good video to follow along with this week.  Here is the video:

I am very glad that I chose this video.  It was more about following along with her guided breathing, and some slight stretches, rather than intense yoga poses, which is exactly what I needed.  It was about “add[ing] subtle body connection and alignment for a sustainable practice that supports harmonious whole health” ( Yoga with Adriene).  This video allowed me to slow down, focus on my breathing, focus on my thoughts (which helped to ease my anxiety), and just fully immerse myself in relaxation.  I just about talked myself out of following along with a yoga video this week, because again I am not feeling the greatest, but I am so glad that I pushed play!  I felt very calm after doing this yoga routine.

I created an Instagram reel of myself while following along with Adriene’s video, and it was very easy to make.  If you want to make a reel on Instagram , you need an Instagram account.  Then to get started you click add reel.  You will then be brought to a screen where you can add whatever photos you would like in your reel, click next, and then you can choose how many seconds you want each clip to be.  After that, you can add things such as music (just as I did), voiceover, text, stickers, etc.  Once you are happy with it, you click post, and voila, your reel is created!  I’m wondering what other video creators people have used, and if anyone would be willing to share some suggestions that I could potentially use next week?  Anyways, here are some screenshots of what it looks like while creating a reel:


The reel that I made can be found here.

I hope you enjoy it, and here’s to a better week ahead!



  • Meghan LeCuyer

    Hey Jasmine, I hope you feel better soon! I have never personally caught covid, but many people around me have. I wouldn’t wish it onto anyone. And I agree with you that Yoga with Adriene is super relaxing! She talks a lot about breathing in her videos and she even has some that focus directly on breathing. I’ve used those videos on the day that I haven’t felt the best.

    Great job on creating a reel! That’s actually something I haven’t thought about trying but now that you mentioned it I may try it. I imagine it would be very similar to tiktok.

  • Kaelynn LePoudre

    Hey Jasmine,

    Covid is not a fun experience at all, and trying to get the motivation to participate in movement activities can be even harder. I’m proud of you for pushing through and finding a video that ended up being exactly what you needed! I’ve followed along with a couple of her videos. Out of the various YouTubers I had watched while practising yoga, she was one of my favourites.

    I also really like the idea of creating an Instagram reel. I use Instagram everyday but have never taken the time to try to create a reel or look into more of what the process was. I really appreciate that you took the time to explain the features one can use as well as that you included screenshots of your process.

    • Jasmine Hoff

      Hey Kaelynn, thanks so much for your kind words! You always leave such positive feedback and comments, whether it’s on here or on Twitter, and I appreciate that! I agree, Adriene has been my favourite so far!

  • Kaelyn

    That is a downer week for sure but I think it’s so great that you found some solace through your learning project. I think it illustrates how yoga, even in small doses, is good for the soul. I’m impressed by your reel and also inspired to try one!

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