I believe that a good teacher…

  • Has a responsibility to teach students how to fail well as much as they have a responsibility to teach students how to succeed
  • Is a lifelong student
  • Creates a comfortable and safe space for students to learn
  • Is able to earn the respect that is shown to them
  • Does not lose their empathy as the years go on
  • Should be facilitators and a resource of knowledge 
  • Should work to find and encourage student’s individual strengths
  • Is not perfect but can admit and work on their faults
  • Should be hands-on and personable
  • Should be in communication with the student’s home community

I believe that students…

  • Deserve to be heard and fought for 
  • Are smart and capable and that they can learn with or without the teacher
  • Have different types of intelligence and all should be celebrated
  • Bring different talents and abilities to the table
  • Deserve to feel included and accommodated in their learning space