Writing the Self-3 “Barefoot Tomboy”

My wild not brushed hair flowing in the wind standing on the swings going higher and higher and higher. The race is on to see who can go jump the furthest. Chris is going faster than me, Derrick is too! I gotta pump harder! “Nikki don’t you think you should slow down?” My auntie yells from beside the swing set. Ignoring my auntie I push harder, Chris flys first his feet soaring through the air he lands with a loud thud on the ground he went so far.  Derricks flying through the sky now too his arms flailing thru the sky trying to balance himself he lands with a crash into the sand. He’s not as far as Chris but still pretty far.   My turn one more pump, bend my knees take a deep breath and I’m soaring. I land with my bare feet sliding through the sand I made it almost as far as Chris but definitely farther than Derrick.

We take off towards the soccer nets onto our next activity of choice. Running from the swing set I spit on my hands and rub them together the spit will help my hands stick to the metal better.  First at the nets I’m smaller and a good climber I’ll get to the top first for sure!  Chris and Derrick not far behind me I climb even faster. I’m at the top slowly scooting across the bar to get to the middle, throw myself over the bar upside down and hang, arms stretched out swinging back and forth.  We play for a while running around, jumping off the swings doing flips off the monkey bars and climbing the soccer nets. Auntie Linda shouts “it’s time to go home for supper.” I grab my shoes, and run to catch up to everyone. “You’re quite the Tomboy Nikki you can sure keep up with the boys. You play rough and aren’t afraid of anything…” “What’s a tomboy auntie Linda?” “It’s a girl who acts like a boy and does not things…” “Oh I didn’t know I was acting like a boy…”

This is the first time I remember being called a tomboy and finding out what it meant. I grew up with one sister and one girl cousin and all of my other cousins were boys. I never thought about the things we did as being “boy” activities we just did what we enjoyed doing.

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