Writing the self 4- Magic Undone

She came sweeping into my life like a fairy godmother with a magic card that paid for everything I couldn’t. My heart and soul and very penny I had went into creating the salon. Sparkling and shining but missing a few things but it was mine. Six months all alone except for the odd client in my chair, no one was interested in joining my salon. I was a no body no one heard of, and then she came into my life. She rented a chair and worked her magic, not an expense too high for her to swipe. She filled the salon with new furniture and decorations I couldn’t afford.  With her came new clients and friends in the industry, business was booming and the bills became less.

With her magic new card came wining and dining, and bags of hand-me-down clothing some still new with the price tags still on from her daughter’s closet.  A glimpse into the life of luxury with every new thing she brought in.   She vacationed three times a year and never worried about price tags when shopping in stores.  At Christmas I offered pizza and beer, she told me not to worry and bought us all tickets to a ritzy party instead. We got dressed to the nines and borrowed jewelry from her closet some of it never worn. It was party id never had dreamed of going the drinks were poured and the food was the finest.

It was two years of bliss that was shortly lived. In one fell swoop she took more than she gave, away from me. Down the street not even a full block she gutted and built a brand new shop. No expense too high for every whim she wanted.  It sparkled and shined, I couldn’t compete. The girls were awe struck with the things I couldn’t provide. They decided to go with her; I was with nothing again, no girls and no more pennies to spend. I cried in defeat as my once fairy godmothers magic undone, my salon and new family I worked so hard for was gone, betrayed and forgotten.

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