Becoming a Teacher

Are you a teacher 24/7?

It’s like being a mother or a daughter or a wife just because you are not with someone who you bare the title to doesn’t mean that you are not still that title everyday of your life. Being a teacher doesn’t mean you clock  in at 830 and out at 4pm, your relationships you build with these kids and school and community follow you everywhere. The accomplishments a child makes or the thing you consoled a child about it stays with you. you think about these things throughout your day and your life. You run into children their family’s or former students you taught, at the grocery store or out walking your dog, these people are apart of your community.  hopefully as a teacher you left a great relationship one that makes it comfortable to say hi and puts a smile on someone’s face! I want to be that teacher, the one that inspires kids makes learning fun and my classroom a safe place. Where kids can make fond memories that last a lifetime and not memories of trauma from not understanding the first time around and feelings of belittlement. I want to make a difference in not only people’s lives but the world.

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