Gender and Sexual diversity

  1. Starting Strategies from Kyla: How can we address and support gender & sexual diversity in our classrooms?
  2. Recognize our own privileges and the oppressions of others as well
  3. Continue to develop a deeper understanding of gender & sexual diversity
  4. Broaden our worldview as it relates to culture but also gender and sexual diversity
  5. Challenge homophobia and transphobia remarks in all spaces
  6. Challenge gender norms in our classrooms
  7. Have discussions with families
  8. Avoid situations that force students to choose a gender
  9. Know the Education Act, STF code of ethics, Sask Human Rights Code & Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms
  10. Reflect on the kinds of language we use in the classroom
  11. Support alliances for Gender and Sexuality – GSAs – Gay Straight Alliances
  12. Make schools & classrooms welcoming and safe, a place where all people are valued
  13. Create that hope, to establish a safe and learning environment and make sure all students feel protected.

Deepening the Discussion Ministry of Education Link

Gender Diversity in the Elementary School

Resources for Teaching

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