Putting Down the hook and picking up the needle.

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Its all about my attempt to learn how to Embroider.

The Lumpy Toque I knit for my boyfriend

For the past few months I’ve been thinking about learning how to Embroider I think i was inspired by seeing those girls selling their inappropriately funny embroidered pieces in the Riddle Center in December. Last winter I attempted to learning how to crochet and knit. Both skills I learned how to do, but not great. I think this is largely due to my left handed backwardness.Every time I tried, I strangled my yarn, and my loops got to small. I had a hard time poking the stick back through easily enough and then with crocheting the same thing. But then with crocheting, there’s that whole messy thing of counting your loops or stitches and that was always something I couldn’t figure out how to do. Essentially if you want a really lumpy toque or large square i’m your girl. 

With no previous knowledge of embroidery I decided a quick Google Search on what I needed to get started was the best place to start. After getting my list of supplies I headed to the local craft store Michael’s to pick up the required materials involved in the embroidery process! Luckily for me Michael’s just happened to have a 45%off coupon that had one day left before it expired. So I got my bag of supplies plus a few extra bits that I probably didn’t need yet. By the end of this class I hope to have completed at least one full picture and feel competent in the stitches required to create such things.

My Micheal’s haul: probably didn’t need 50 different colors.

A random fun fact!

After talking to my dad on the phone today, I found out that he had learned to embroider when he was a child from my grandma apparently doesn’t remember much. But he also told me that my grandma used to embroidered all the time, and he has one my grandmas pieces hanging up in their house. So hopefully I’ll be genetically disposed to be great at embroidering.

The piece hanging on the wall at my parents house made by my grandma.

3 thoughts on “Putting Down the hook and picking up the needle.

  1. Regan Stromich

    I love your choice to do embroidery! That was actually my second choice, but I ended up choosing to do crochet. Your comments on crochetting kind of scared me, but I am up for the challenge.I think that it is super sweet that you found out your grandma used to embroider – what a cool coincidence. I am excited to see what you accomplish and what your full picture will look like in the end.

    Best of luck!


  2. Darrian Enns

    This sounds awesome Nikki! Did you only find out that your grandma used to embroider after you had already chosen it for this project? What a fun coincidence! I am one of your mentors from EDTC 400, so I thought that I would stop by your blog to say a quick hello. I can’t wait to see your journey in embroidery!


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