Week 3- Writing about Sexuality in the classroom

For Assignment one, I’ve decided to write about Jen Gilbert and their theory on sexuality in the classroom. Jen has actually written an entire book about her experiences and thoughts on the subject, the book is called Sexuality in School:The limits of education

For my essay I base most of my information from Chaper 5 which really dives deep into the discussion about where sexuality belongs in the classroom, outside of just sex-ed. I find it interesting how Jen ties in her own life experiences into her writing. One of the quotes from her that I found thought provoking was this “In opening the doors of education to what is foreign, we are also making space for what is foreign or strange in the self” talking about LGBTQ  and sexuality in the classroom is something that is not always a comfortable subject and not something I myself don’t know much about as I am a cisgender heterosexual. But that does not mean that I shouldn’t be educating myself by having deeper discussions to become less ignorant about sexuality different than my own. By talking about more than just the hereto normative we can help students identify  with themselves instead of trying to make all students identify with the normative narrative that usually surrounds us. 

While the Saskatchewan  government is making strides by providing  materials for educators such as Deepening the Discussion: Gender and Sexual Diversity. It’s only a start,we need to talk about sexuality  and the fluidity around it and embrace it instead of shying away and changing the subject when children ask questions. If we are not able to provide information and feel comfortable  talking about sexuality, our students are going to learn about it in other forms that might not be more harmful. 

For my next steps towards writing my essay I plan on researching the Saskatchewan Health curriculum for a couple of grades to see what is talked about in health class. I will also look for other scholars who agree or disagree with what Jen Gilbert Has to say, I think Lee Airton might have a slightly different view and it might be neat to compare what they both have to say.

3 thoughts on “Week 3- Writing about Sexuality in the classroom

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  2. Stephanie Voss

    Hi Nikki!

    I have also chosen Jen Gilbert as my scholar for our critical summary assignment! I really like the quote you chose to include in your blog post. I think it really encompasses Jen’s educational philosophy and mission on integrating more conversation about sexual diversity into the classroom.

    Best of luck on the rest of your assignment!

  3. kennedy glascock

    This is a really interesting topic! I admit I do not know as much as I should about the topic as a future educator. I’m also a cisgender and heterosexual so many aspects of this topic are unknown to me. I agree though, there’s no reason not to learn more! Good luck with the assignment, sounds like you’re off to a great start.


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