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 After assembling my supplies I began a “quick” search on Pinterest. Which in reality if you never used Pinterest means that for what innocently started as quick search on How to Embroider, Embroidery for beginners turned into a few hours of mindlessly looking and then eventually pinning pretty pictures of other peoples embroidery as inspiration. I’ve linked my Pinterest Board as well to this blog, so if your also interested in embroidery you can check out the pretty work other people have created along with  actual helpful links I’ve managed to pin as well. 

After a bit of research, I am now able to successfully put the fabric into the loop, and have learned that the string used to do embroidery is called Floss not string. Also that floss is made up of multiple strands of floss and some stitches require you to pull said floss apart into smaller strands of floss. Also when it’s suggests to get a threader for your needle GET ONE. It took me 5 minutes to get my floss into the needle and I had to pull my floss apart into a half section just to get it through the hole.
Instead of my usual jumping in without reading the instructions I figured I would actually take the time to watch videos and learn a few basic’s.

After watching the about half of the video I tried out the first three stitches. So far the video seems easy to follow along with and simplifies things so even with my left-handed backwardness I felt like I could follow along.

The three stitches I learned:

The Three Stitches I’ve learned so far!

Running stitch: a line that has small gaps in between stitches

Back Stitch: Which is very similar to running stitch but is solid and most commonly used for outlines. 

Split stitch: Essentially the same as the back stitch but you push the needle through the previously stitched section giving it a continuous look compared to the back stitch. also usually a thicker floss is easier for doing this stitch.

What I wish I would have known before starting: Make sure your floss is long but not too long, I pulled it off the needle SOO many times.. It has gotten easier to put back on thought.. Still, next time i’m at Michaels I will be getting a threader to make my life easier.

2 thoughts on “Getting Started!

  1. Jaelyn Prediger

    Wow Nikki it looks like you have had a great start to your project so far. I understand how annoying getting the floss through the needle can be.. I am taking an art class through the university, and the other day it took me 15 minutes just to get the thread through the needle! Patience definitely is key when it comes to skills like that. I can also relate to your left-handed backwardness, because I am also left-handed, so I understand how annoying it can be that we have to learn most things backwards from how they are usually taught. Your post is nice and vibrant with colours and a variety of images which makes it very eye-catching! I can’t wait to keep following you along your journey. Happy embroidering!


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