Learning from Place.

 The culture of the Albany First Nations people along with other nations have lost so much of their traditions because of colonization the fear of losing everything was definitely felt by the Elders of the Nation.  After reading the article we can see how the First Nations people are able to share the information they thought would be lost for ever with their youth. Through this program, the youth were encouraged to seek information, and work collaboratively with the people of the community. By doing this we can see how the Albany nation are able to reinhabit the river and bring back all of its names the river once had. By creating these experiences and sharing this information with the youth, the culture and information they once thought would be lost can be learned again and continued to be shared for more generations. 

One way to adapt these teachings into my own teaching would be to reach out to Elders in the area and ask questions about the history of the land and any cultural significance it could have. I would then ask the Elders to join us in the classroom and outside to teach my students about their way of life. I think another important thing would be to bring the Cree language into the classroom even if it’s just small phrases or words. I would also make sure to acknowledge that we are learning on treaty for territory. I think teaching about and honoring the First Nations culture in a respectful way is a great starting place.

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