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Well I don’t want to admit it, but I didn’t learn from my previous mistake.. I swore I put my needle away yet somehow i’m missing one from my pack and cant seem to find it. Fingers crossed Its not sitting somewhere waiting to stab me.

 After learning all 10 stitches in the previous blog I figured  I would now conquer the basics of the alphabet. After browsing a couple of videos and websites on how to do lettering the first 4 stitches I learned earlier seem to be the most popular. I chose Wandering Threads Embroidery to guide me on my path for learning basic lettering. She uses the same 4 stitches  along with a few tips and tricks and photos for easy following.

Back Stitch and Running stitch

For the first row of the alphabet A to E I used the Back Stitch, and then for letters F to M I used the Running Stitch. While it is neat to see your stitches become something other than a line, I hope eventually it gets quicker. After about 40 minutes I’ve accomplished stitching lets A to M.

 I’ve also realized with longer Floss tangles and knots become an issue, when not careful pushing/ pulling the floss through the fabric. 

Embroidery in the car

N to V was Created using the Split Stitch and Required twice as much time as the first two rows. I began taking my embroidery with me everywhere to get in a few stitches here and there so I could finish the whole alphabet this week.

W to Z and the EDTC300 hashtag were created using the final stitch on her blog called the Stem Stitch. The stem stitch was probably one of the most difficult stitches to keep straight but became my most favorite. It almost looks like a twisted rope and is the easiest to see.

Finished product! A to Z and #EDTC300

The whole thing took about half a season of Gilmore Girls to create, so about 7.5 hours. I assume a more intricate picture might take even more time.

Next week I plan on learning how to transfer patterns onto fabric and hopefully start an actual picture!

5 thoughts on “A to Z

  1. Darrian Enns

    This is awesome! I can’t believe how long it took to create this! I never realized how time-consuming this can be. It is looking very good though and I am very excited to see what picture you begin to create!

  2. Reilee Slusarchuk

    7.5 hours to finish the alphabet?! That is crazy! I would have never thought it would take that long. You definitely have alot of patience. Your work looks very impressive to say the least. I am excited to see how your patterns turn out when you transfer them to the fabric. Good luck on your next project 🙂

  3. Rashelle Parcher

    Your cross stitching looks great so far! It’s great that you incorporated four different stiches into one project and they all look well-done. I also love that you measured time by a Gilmore Girls season, totally relatable.

  4. Alicia


    I love how you are using different stitches for each line. Super creative way to go about it. And now you have a memorable piece related to this class. The nice thing about stitching is you are able to do it while you watch something. I am finding it difficult to learn a new language with any noise around me. So I am a little envious. What is your favourite stitch so far?

  5. Kiara M

    Very cool! I love being able to see the different types of stitches that you are using and I totally agree that the last stitch you did is the easiest to see. Nice work.


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