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For me I find this a tough subject to write about but one I can’t wait to learn more about so I can teach students and adults about the importance of Treaty Ed. I am part cree, I am from Pasqua First Nations, but I am also a Ukranian White settler as well. I grew up going to school before Treaty Ed was incorporated into the curriculum. As a Cree person I decided to do a presentation on First Nations people in elementary school. It was for a Heritage Fair and I wanted to do a presentation on my heritage. So myself and a couple of friends got together and researched First Nations people from books available in the school. We asked my mom to make bannock and we created a diorama on how first nations people used to live. Most of our information was from european history, and nothing from an indiginous perspective. Other than maybe whatever my mom helped us with. I knew about treaties growing up,  but I didn’t know what they meant or that Treaty 4 was bigger than just FortQuapple. Most of my moms side of my family lives in Fortquapple and I grew up going to the powwow and participating in Treaty 4 activities. I got my $5 a couple of times but I never knew the significance of any of this until I started my University Education at the age of 30. Which is almost embarrassing to say, but I think it shows the importance of why teaching Treaty Ed is so important. 

In my elementary school growing up there was one other girl for a couple of years and then myself for the only indiginous representation within the school. I was the “brownest person” in my class and I’m not even that brown, I have blue eyes and look like I just got back from a beach vacation all year but all my classmates knew that I was Cree. So growing up in a predominately White school I can see how Treaty Ed is important, I grew up not knowing anything about Indiginous culture other than what my Family had taught me.  Fellow classmates, only learned about perpetuated stereotypes/ racism from family members and media and what we did learn in school was European History. So many times in my life I heard about how Indiginous people need to “ just need to get over it. It was along time ago, It shouldn’t matter anymore” when it came to indiginous people getting “handouts” from the government and that it’s not fair. This is why Learning about Treaty Education and realizing that the land wasn’t given away it was meant to be shared, and how we all need to honour the treaties. And in order to Teach about Treaty Ed and Indiginous Education  “We must work backwards to see how we can proceed forwards.” in order to create a more empathetic population of people who will know that we can’t just “get over things” we have to be able to teach the history of Indiginous people and the treaties and residential schools.

Being able to incorporate Treaty Ed also helps give students like me an identity, and a deeper understanding of the history behind the treaties and what they stand for, and that they go beyond just one town within Saskatchewan. 

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  1. Kennedy Glascock

    I really enjoyed reading your post!

    When thinking about treaty ed I always think about about teaching it for the benefit of the white settle children’s understanding, not for the First Nations children. Your post however really highlighted to me the benefits of it for everyone. thanks for sharing!



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