Cyber-stocking or Cyber-sleuthing?

For this week’s blog we were asked to investigate each other online I got the honor of looking into Brittany krogsgaard! From what I found her online presence seems to be professional. She does however have 2 Facebook pages one more professional, which I assume she probably started when she entered university. The other Facebook page seems like it’s from her childhood, maybe kept around for the nostalgia of some of the photos.. From my cyber sleuthing I was able to find out that she grew up in Gull Lake,  and was a lifeguard at one point. When googling i found out that she had been a member of a website called, but when clicking the link it says she deleted her account. She also has a YouTube channel with a couple of videos, a small Pintrest account and the usual twitter and her E-portfolio

I think cybersleuthing each other is really beneficial to opening our eyes to seeing how the world sees us. This is especially important when we are working as teachers, because employers, students and parents of students will most likely be googling us. Having a presence on social media makes us more accessible but also has the ability to put us under a microscope, where every little thing we post can be read the wrong way. Just as Monica Lewinsky points out in her TedTalk when people find things on the internet about other people, they can make assumptions and take to public shaming, even when they have no context. This is a great reminder for all of us to go and  scroll back and see what we have been tagged in or posting. 

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