Embroidery 101

For this Weeks blog I thought I would show you how to recreate the three main stitches I’ve been using for my embroidery projects so far. The Running Stitch, Back Stitch, and Chain Stitch. I’ve also added a bonus fourth stitch the Satin Stitch, so you can see how the puffy clouds from the previous blog post were created.

To Start embroidering you will need a piece of material, big enough to fit your embroidery hoop, a needle and Embroidery floss and what ever pattern you want to create. I would recommend learning a few basic stitches before jumping right into a pattern though.

To Create the video I used the webcam on my Laptop to record the video. I then used the windows movie editor to add a filter, the Title screen, text box and background music. The movie editor was really easy to navigate, the only down side is that it doesn’t allow for more than one text box.

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