Do you code here often?

Coding is not something that I’ve ever been interested in, but my boyfriend is in school to become an Electronics Engineer so for the past couple of years he would continue to tell me what hes working on for class and I’d have no idea. I used to only ever use the computer as a last resource when I can’t do something on my phone but over the past year or so I’ve been using my computer more and more. To learn a bit about what my boyfriend was doing I bought 1 subscription box to Creation Crate, they send you one project a month to build and they progressively get harder.  I thought it would be a fun date night project my boyfriend on the other hand thought of it as more like more homework, building the actual lamp with the wires and board was fun to do together but when it came to the coding it became MY JOB, soo I downloaded the program it suggested and got to work following the instructions from the booklet, after about an hour I thought I was done, I plugged the lamp into the computer and to my surprise it didn’t work. I swore I followed the instructions to a T but little did I know the brackets they put around certain words were also supposed to be added, after a little fixing we tried again, and it still didn’t work. So by this time my boyfriend decided he would help and go through the code I coded, after searching for a while he finally found the one comma I missed. The lamp now works and I now understand why sometimes when he’s sitting at the computer the odd cuss word comes flying out of his mouth when the coding he’s spent hours on doesn’t work properly.

 Quiet honestly I thought that was enough coding in my life. It’s so tedious and time consuming, so when we were tasked to code something for this blog post I was dreading it. Sitting at the computer for hours on end is the thing I like to do the least. For my First Attempt I used Code Academy I created a free user account and decided to start the beginner code lesson on coding and variables, I Used the Screencast Chrome extension to record me following the tutorials on how variables work you can check that out here.

After finishing my first lesson (and Acing the test,) I decided to try out a second source called Studio Code. Studio Code is a bit more user friendly and also offers free accounts. After Signing up you can browse through plenty of different coding programs, such as learning to code games like Flappy Bird to Art programs and Basic Apps. I decided it would be fun to learn how to make an App! 

To start off Studio Code breaks down how to make an app in very basic steps, with video tutorials along the way to help you if you get stuck. After going through all 10 steps of learning how to create an app you are given the option to create your own app. So for the past 2 hours, I  worked on creating this cheesy little app, on Covid-19

you can click this link 👇

 or Scan this QR Code, to access it!  👉

After Creating this App I can see why coding is such an important thing all students should learn. When children are young we teach them where paper comes from and how food is made but we really never learn how games or even apps are made.  I think by giving children even a glimpse into how these things we use everyday are made, gives a new sense of appreciation to all the hard work that is needed to create these things. I myself will probably not voluntarily code but I now have the tools to do it , if  I needed to.

4 thoughts on “Do you code here often?

  1. ghd sports

    Luckily, there are some fun programs out there for kids to learn from like Scratch and Swift Playground. It makes our jobs easier to teach it. Thankfully we don’t have to learn programming languages like Java or Python, I would not be able to handle it.

  2. Brittney Krogsgaard

    Hi Nikki,
    I think it is amazing that you chose to create an app. Your blog post demonstrates that frustration and hard work you endured to create this fun application. I really thought it was great that you connected it to current events!
    Keep up the great work!

  3. Halleh Farahmand

    Hi Nikki,
    I can relate with your frustrations of coding and not having your code work. One little missed comma or bracket and the whole thing is a flop! It can be very frustrating, however it helps teach us patience and perseverance.

    Coding can be tedious when starting out for sure, especially if you are not a tech person, right here *pointing at myself*. However, it is such a useful skill to have in this highly digital era we are living in. I too was not thrilled to have to try to tackle coding again, but I do see the benefits of it for the classroom. Luckily, there are some fun programs out there for kids to learn from like Scratch and Swift Playground. It makes our jobs easier to teach it. Thankfully we don’t have to learn programming languages like Java or Python, I would not be able to handle it.

    I had never heard of Studio Code before. I like your app on COVID-19, very engaging. Would you use Studio Code in your classroom? If so, how would you use it?


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