Week 7

In the article determining what a citizen is by Joel Westheimer and Joseph Kahne named “What Kind of Citizen? The Politics of Educating for Democracy”. From such a young age learning from my dad I found out how important it was to give back to my community by volunteering and being a good citizen. My dad was always volunteering for new things that he could help in which taught me how to be a good citizen. I also learned the importance of giving back, so many people helped me through my childhood of whatever I wanted to accomplish so I knew I had to give back, whether that was helping kids younger than me or older than me I always tried to be out there in the community. I remember in our high school history class we would spend lots of time talking about what it was like to be a good citizen and we would have debates about issues in a community including political issues. We would argue over certain laws and rules enforced by a goverment as it always got pretty heated because both sides had great perspectives. I remember the one time we debated over what it was like to be a good citizen. After that debate it really hit me that I needed to start donating more when I can and volunteering more because you don’t think it makes a difference but it really does. It is so crucial to give back to the goverment and the community whether it is a 2$ donation or whether it is opening a door for someone every little gesture makes a difference in being a good citizen and if everyone does their own share the world will be a good place to live in.

This model of Curriculum in regards to citizenship is definitely tough to grasp and understand because I feel the curriculum regarding citizenship is all about what one believes to be right or wrong. Whether that’s if one believes they don’t need to volunteer or give back compared to one who feels it is crucial to give back. I feel there is definitely pressure put on by the society and governments and schools in teaching to be a good citizen should be the goal. That being a good citizen is what should be taught I feel this version of the citizen can be problematic because they will feel like looking at schools or goverment that there is only one way to look at it all, they will feel forced and believe that is all what is trying to be taught. This aspect can be dangerous because of the many different groups, inequalities, and differences that Canada has. I have always been harped on as a student that there is only one way to see curriculum within a society and that is being a good citizen is important. This way of creating citizens is all about producing students who will grow up and do whatever they are told is right at the time and listen to whatever their teachers or parents tell them. This will be dangerous because only being taught the one way they will not be able to deal with the adversities and the different problems they may encounter.

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