Awko Taco (using LOOM for the first time)

I decided that I was going to use a video recording program for a tool or app I have not used yet, to document my baking process!

This is what Loom looks like on a desktop


I first started with Flipgrid, and I quickly realized that I would only have 5 minutes to make my video and I knew that I would need more time. Next, I went to the list provided to us by Katia and thought Fotobabble would be cool! Fotobabble, allows you to take pictures and do voice-overs over top of the picture! I started playing around with the app, but I could not figure out how to make it into a movie or something that gave it some flow! Although, I do think Fotobabble would be a great resource in the classroom for online learning especially if your students were learning how to read. You could have words written and they could try them, but if they could not read them, they could listen to the voice over!

THEN LIGHT BULB MOMENT! I have seen many of my professors use LOOM! So, I downloaded the app and got my baking ingredients prepped to make my video of fame and potentially my new journey into baking videos! (haha, as in my video posted you can sure see how awkward it is to do your first ever baking video recorded!

Pink and white cotton candies
Photo by Julie Luke on Pexels

LOOM was SOOOO EASY! It gives you a step by step how to do it on my phone! I turned on the microphone, allowed access to my videos and pictures and hit record! Three…Two…One…  It was recording and there I was AWKWARDLY talking about cotton candy cupcakes in my cotton candied coloured sweatshirt!

Here is the Loom app on my Iphone. The countdown before it starts recording and when you are done you just hit finish!

Loom would be a great tool to use in the classroom especially for online learning! You could do video presentations of your daily lessons or upcoming assignments so the students have an idea of what is expected! If you were starting the year off it would be a great way to introduce yourself to the students and families ahead of time. You could use Loom to give feedback to your students, instead of typing an email or giving a handwritten note. The other thing I liked about Loom was that it is FREE! Loom can also be used from your phone and it sync’s to your Loom account on your computer! I took my video using my phone and logged into my account on my laptop and it was right there to start sharing!

Now, let’s get into a little bit about the baking process! I decided the best way to make this video as short as possible was to make a batch of cupcakes ahead of time. This way you can show the process and the finished product and you wont be recording for an hour!

The cookbook from Jenna Rae Cakes was SOO easy to follow, very reader friendly, and I highly recommend her baking book after just one use!

Here are some screen shots from my Loom video!

I totally just winged this video because I new if I over thought about it… it would be worse! The next one I would like to do without looking down as much, and less awkward pauses of silence– maybe have music playing!

All in all I enjoyed the simplicity of Loom, the cupcakes taste amazing and I MADE MY FIRST EVER BAKING VIDEO!

ps, the cupcakes were rated 7.5 and 7.9 from the boys! I gave them an 8!

Stay Sweet,


Miss Blenkin

Baking tip #5- Use a toothpick to see if the cupcakes are done by sticking it in the middle of the cooked cupcake. If it comes out clean they are baked!

8 thoughts on “Awko Taco (using LOOM for the first time)

  1. Shana,
    What a cute cupcake! I should know by now that I shouldn’t read your blog before lunch time because I start wanting treats at 9:30am! I have never heard of Loom before, so it is cool to see it in action. That is awesome that it is both easy to use and free. I like your suggestion to use Loom in online learning for students to do presentations. I also wonder if the students who are too nervous to present live could use this to record their presentations and just show it to the class. I think that sounds more nerve-racking, but I know some students prefer to record themselves so they can perfect it. Cool resource!

    1. Hey Trista,
      The cupcakes were actually so good! I am looking forward to what I can make next from the Jenna Rae Cakes cookbook! I never thought of a student using it to record themselves instead of doing it “live”, but that is a great suggestion to help with students anxiety when it comes to presenting. The simplicity of the program was what had me sold for using it! I am not the most tech savy person, so this resource worked great!

  2. Hello Shana!

    I have had quite a few professor use Loom as well! I used it twice last semester for final projects but I had used it on my computer. Definitely relate to the awkwardness of using it because it feel so silly just talking to my computer. Plus, my poor roommates had to listen to me repeat the same things over and over because I would keep restarting every time I stumbled over words or paused too long. However, I would say that it is just as easy to use on a computer as you made it sound it would be using your phone and has good classroom value!

    1. Hey Kassia!

      Yes, I actually made sure I did my video when my fiancé and roommate were gone! I think once you do it enough it would get less awkward, but the initial talking to myself about baking (which I am no pro at adds extra pressure…) I think I will continue using Loom especially for University projects!

  3. Hi Shana,
    The colours of your cupcakes are so pretty. The way you described LOOM! as being iPhone friendly, is enough for me to download it. I have always used the camera in my phone to record then email it to myself, but sometimes the video is too long and I can’t email it to myself. But the sync feature sounds perfect to use. I can’t wait to use LOOM! for my other project.

  4. Hello Shana!
    Great job on the post and those beautiful cupcakes!
    I have never heard of Loom but your great review will definitely make me consider it if I ever need to make a video! The fact that the video is linked to the cloud makes from transferring the files so much easier. I also had a video for my posts this week and I struggled with transferring and accessing the files from a device other than my phone. I eventually figured it out but all of it would’ve have been much easier with a sync feature like Loom.

    1. Hey Van,
      I also used the app animoto for creating my nexIt weeks blog post! I found that I liked it better. You could add text and music, along with transitions. I am not sure if you can use voice as I didn’t try. But check out animoto or my next blog post to see that video! It was easy to email the video to my google account, but I still perfer the “cloud” method that Loom had.
      – Shana

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