ECS 100 Stories from the Field

ECS 100 Stories from the Field

Reflections and key realizations from my first field placement in a grade three classroom.

Students & Learning Environment

– I had a really great start to my field experience! I am with an awesome teacher in a grade three classroom. On my first morning the teacher introduced me, explaining to the students who I was, why I was there and that I wanted to become a teacher. One of the students stated “being a teacher is REALLY hard work”!
– The moment I stepped in the classroom I felt like it was a very welcoming space. Everything was neatly organized, there were student’s art projects around the room and unique soft stools for students to use at the back table for small group work. I was filled with excitement for this new experience.

School & Community

– Schools with welcoming staff members that truly care really make a difference. It positively affects the lives of students, as well as the community, for years to come.

Teachers & Knowledge

– Each day teachers are learning new things along with the students. Ideas about learning are always changing so teachers continue to adapt and expand their own knowledge to equip students with the skills they need. 
– A big support for teachers that I have seen is the help of Educational Assistants. I believe teachers also rely on the help of each other, principals, administrative staff and everyone else at the school.

Inclusive Education – Diversity & Difference

– I think different ways of learning is a big aspect of diversity in the classroom today. As teachers it is our job to work with students to figure out how they best learn so we can help them succeed. 
– We cannot teach catering to one way of learning, we have to adapt to include everyone in their learning differences. 
– Respect is a huge part of inclusive education. 

Curriculum & Instruction

– Every group of students is different and some need more help in areas different than last year’s group. As a teacher you have to be able to adapt and work with the group you have. 

The Role of Technology

– Technology is very present in schools today. In the class I was in, the teacher often used iPad work as one of the stations for math, word work, or other activities. 

Final Reflections

–  I was sad when my field experience came to an end. However, I received a great keepsake, a card that every student from the classroom had signed.

– Overall, I really enjoyed my experience! I know that I still have areas where I can improve, so I am looking forward to more time in classrooms so I can continue to grow as a teacher.