Making Music With InShot

Making Music With InShot

Hi everyone! Originally, I was going to learn some picking patterns this week and work on playing/reading tabs. However, I decided I wanted to stay focused on chords because I enjoy that, and that’s what I can see myself using the most in the future. 

With that said, I did find a helpful website for future refence for playing tabs. This website features simple picking patterns, along with videos, and some sheet music to help with playing tabs. However, I noticed that with the tabs provided they also give the chords. So, I tried playing along with some videos, such as “The House of the Rising Sun”. 

Week 5 Accomplishments:

  • I definitely noticed my chord switches getting smoother
  • Had fun trying out songs
  • Learned the B7 chord. It’s easy to remember because it just adds a finger on from Bm. 
  • Learned the Dm chord
  • Continued practicing barre chords

I updated (from week 3) my chord chart with the new ones I’ve learned, besides the barre chord I’m working on.

Any suggestions for another useful chord to learn? Let me know in the comments!

I was inspired to try out InShot’s 3-day free trial after viewing so many great videos from my EDTC 300 classmates last week (shout out to Tracey, Julia, and Terrell). It’s really easy to add my own content, and they have lots of options for editing. I especially liked their transition options more than iMovie. The biggest downside is the free trial only lasts for 3 days, then it goes to $19.99/year. With that said, the price isn’t too high, and I would definitely consider paying to use it in the classroom. 

Here’s a video of me practicing parts of some songs. I’m still not sure if singing along distracts me from focusing on my chords, or if it helps me keep timing…?! 

First video made with InShot!

This week I was also inspired by Julia’s post regarding longboard maintenance. The guitar I’m using previously didn’t get used too often.

  • Yamaha’s basic care and maintenance post I came across was eye opening. They say to wipe down the guitar with a dry cloth after use. They also suggested, “[t]hose playing less often should replace the strings every three months if possible”.
  • Acoustic Life recommended changing strings once a month – or at least when they’re looking worn. 

I’m definitely going to look into getting new strings as I know these strings haven’t been replaced for about two years.

If you have song ideas for me to try out, or suggestions of chords to learn, comment below. Thanks!

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  1. Oh wow!! I really enjoyed watching and listening to your video. You’re doing so awesome. This is going to be such an great skill to have. One of my favorite musicians is Ben Monteith he has quite a few videos on youtube, he plays acoustic guitar and also uses foot drums. He is inspiring to watch, you might want to check him out.

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