Slowly Strumming Along

Slowly Strumming Along

I’m happy to report I honestly had a hard time putting the guitar down this week! I’m really enjoying learning it.

Week 3 Accomplishments: 

  • Spent time practicing chords (C, D, E, Em, A, Am, and G) using the Yousician app

  • Found suggested chords to learn on Pinterest, such as these 10 Guitar Chords for Beginners
  • Created a Pinterest board to organize ideas, diagrams, and songs in one place
  • Super comfortable tuning my guitar
  • Learned Bm7 chord
  • Started working on F chord

This week I created my own diagram of beginner guitar chords using these free fretboard diagrams. I’ll add a few more in the next couple weeks. As someone who has hurting fingers and a hard time remembering where to place my fingers, I’ve found these chords to be a good base for starting out! If you’re interested in learning, these chords definitely give you the ability to try out some songs.

One new thing my brother pointed out was the little “x” above a line on the chord chart means you don’t strum that string when playing the chord. I already knew the circle represented an open string, meaning I would not place my finger on the string, but still strum it. 

Strumming Patterns

I practiced strumming using the video above, but found those patterns pretty straight-forward. My biggest struggle with strumming is switching from one chord to the other, which is obviously vital to playing songs! The Yousician app I mentioned before was great for practicing chord changes.

I tried playing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”, Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me”, and Bethel Music’s “Take Courage”. Here’s a clip of me practicing. (Please note, I am using my dad’s old guitar).  

You can hear how I mute some strings when I’m switching chords, but I’ll keep working at that! I also need to watch the position of my hand on the fretboard to make sure my fingers have the best opportunity to hold the strings down. 

Side note: I’m really enjoying the simplicity of iMovie. It’s a useful tool to create a video and it easily uploads to YouTube!

What’s Next?

  • Keep working on chord switches 
  • My greatest guitar enemy…barre chords…

7 thoughts on “Slowly Strumming Along

  1. I love that you are learning the guitar! I’ve always wanted to learn but my fingers are too short to reach! What are you finding most difficult?

    1. Awe! It’s really a beautiful instrument.
      The difficult part for me is pressing down on the strings hard enough so the chords actually sound good. I think that’s mostly because of the guitar I’m using though. My fingers definitely aren’t having as great of a time as I am lol, but I’ve been told it gets better.

  2. Hey Tamantha, it’s so cool to see your progress. I personally know four chords on the guitar and I never succeeded in learning the F chord, so I admire the work you’re putting in! I also know the pain of trying to play stringed instruments when your fingers aren’t used to it. Do you find that your piano experience is transferring well to this new instrument? I’m looking forward to hearing more, happy strumming!

    1. Thanks Julia! My piano experience has helped make learning a bit easier. Even just the simple facts of understanding major versus minor chords, or how a full step up from the note A is B. It has definitely helped me understand the guitar fretboard in a short time period.

  3. This sounds great Tamatha! This song is actually on my “to learn list” and this video made me super excited. You’re coming along so quickly, keep it up. I can’t wait to hear what you play next week.

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