Summary of Learning

Summary of Learning

Over the past few weeks I have learned a lot about curriculum. I learned that curriculum is so much more than a document that presents a framework for classroom material (as I previously discussed in my blog). There is so much more to understand about it as we examine how it is created and implemented (Levin), and further as our biases and lenses impact its actual presentation – both outright stated and not (that is hidden curriculum, as I looked at for Assignment 1). As Katia explained in lecture on August 18, 2020, curriculum and teaching are both never neutral.

Today, I have a much better understanding of my own views, and the need to examine my “common sense” beliefs as I enter the classroom. I also came to a better understanding of areas such as Treaty Ed as I went from discussing it’s implementation to actually reflecting on the purpose of it in a later post and how it affects me as an educator. Indeed there were roadblocks along the way as I troubled with some of my own understandings, such as that of the “good” student, and created my first ever lesson plan. However, I am thankful for the ways this class has pushed me to trouble my own understandings and how it has made me feel more prepared to sit down and examine a curriculum document in preparation for class.

Curriculum is so much more than a checklist of outcomes and indicators and it is much more than me transmitting knowledge to students. As educators, we play a big role in what students actually receive from the curriculum, so I am thankful to have had the opportunity to grow in my understanding of curriculum.

Here is a small glimpse into my learning journey.

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